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Sigma-Aldrich eLearning Courses

Chemical Safety and Regulatory Compliance Education

Sigma-Aldrich eLearning courses provide a learning model designed to test students' skills with decision-based scenarios. When you take a course through Sigma-Aldrich Education, you can be sure it was designed with the safety of you and your lab in mind. The course structure is based on real-life situations that follow the processes of planning, execution and clean-up of an experiment.

Courses include multiple knowledge checks and learning scenarios that simulate real lab activities and are specifically designed to drive student behavior. Tools and resources used in the course are identical to those used in the students’ lab. Sigma-Aldrich makes education simple by hosting all the course content, offering multiple purchase and license options, and simplifying the reporting process.

  1. Advantages of Sigma-Aldrich eLearning Courses:
  2. Expertise: We have extracted all the scientific knowledge and safety experience that only the Sigma-Aldrich team of scientists can offer and built it into an immersive eLearning product.

  3. Quality: A comprehensive assessment of the knowledge required to act safely follows the course content. The student receives feedback on their responses as they take the course.

  4. Safety: The Sigma-Aldrich eLearning courses are built on the fundamental principle that working in a laboratory setting involves some degree of risk. This theme is carried throughout each step of the course. Professors or lab managers receive final assessment scores for record-keeping purposes.

  5. Immersive Student Experience: How-to videos and knowledge builder examples are included. Decision points are illustrated with real-life lab scenarios.
  6. Professor and Lab Manager Focus: 24-hour access. Real time student status and progress. Administrators can access reports for multiple students and multiple courses. Single or multiple license options are available.

Safe Handling of Air-sensitive Pyrophoric Substances

Take sequential steps to learn everything from identifying potentially pyrophoric chemicals to proper disposal of pyrophoric materials. Topics include:

  • Pyrophoric Basics
  • Hazard Control
  • Reaction Planning
  • Equipment Selection & Setup
  • Transfer Techniques
  • Storage & Disposal
  • Learning Assessment

Technical Service:

Our team of scientists has experience in all areas of research including Life Science, Material Science, Chemical Synthesis, Chromatography, Analytical and many others.

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