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Hellma® TrayCell

Suprasil® quartz, spectral range 200-2500 nm, pathlength 0.2 (factor 50) mm ± 0.02 mm × 1.0 (factor 10) mm ± 0.02 mm, chamber volume 0.7-4 μL

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Related Categories Analytical Reagents, Analytical/Chromatography, Cuvettes, Cuvettes for Special Application, Hellma,
material   Suprasil® quartz
mfr. no.   Hellma (105.810-UVS)
parameter   200-2500 nm spectral range
application(s)   UV/Vis spectroscopy: suitable
  photometry: suitable
H × H × H   53.0 mm × 59.5 mm × 64.5 mm
aperture center H   8.5 mm × 15 mm × 20 mm, aperture
chamber volume   0.7-4 μL
pathlength   0.2 (factor 50) mm ± 0.02 mm × 1.0 (factor 10) mm ± 0.02 mm


General description

The TrayCell is a fibre-optic ultra-micro cell designed for the UV/Vis micro volume analysis of DNA/RNA and proteins.
The TrayCell is designed for measurements e.g. of DNA/RNA or protein samples and enables highly accurate analysis of extremely small samples with remarkable reproducibility. The dimensions of the TrayCell are equivalent to a standard cuvette in order to work in most spectrophotometers.
Due to the integrated beam deflection and the use of fibre-optic cables it is possible to measure the sample directly on the surface of the optical window. The cap with mirror provides a well-defined optical light path and prevents the sample from drying up. The measurement remains reproducible because the sample will not be enriched by evaporation of the solvent.
Included: 2 caps with an optical path length of 0.2 and 1.0 mm, 2 adapters for a center height of 15 mm and 20 mm, screwdriver for center height adapter, premium storage box.

Legal Information

Hellma is a registered trademark of Hellma GmbH

Suprasil is a registered trademark of HERAEUS QUARZGLAS GMBH & CO.

TrayCell is a trademark of Hellma GmbH

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Z802573 Hellma® TrayCell, Suprasil® quartz, spectral range 200-2500 nm, pathlength 0.2 (factor 50) mm ± 0.02 mm × 1.0 (factor 10) mm ± 0.02 mm, chamber volume 0.7-4 μL
Z802905 Hellma® TrayCell cap, pathlength 0.2 (factor 50) mm ± 0.02 mm, chamber volume 0.7-4 μL
Z802808 Hellma® TrayCell cap, pathlength 1 (factor 10) mm ± 0.02 mm, chamber volume 3-5 μL
Z803014 Hellma® TrayCell cap, pathlength 2 (factor 5) mm ± 0.02 mm, chamber volume 6-10 μL
Z803138 Hellma® TrayCell cap, pathlength 0.1 (factor 100) mm ± 0.02 mm, chamber volume 0.7-3 μL

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