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Phosphoric acid

ACS reagent, ≥85 wt. % in H2O

Synonym: Orthophosphoric acid

  • CAS Number 7664-38-2

  • Linear Formula H3PO4

  • Molecular Weight 98.00

  •  Beilstein/REAXYS Number 1921286

  •  EC Number 231-633-2

  •  MDL number MFCD00011340

  •  PubChem Substance ID 329761708

  •  NACRES NA.21



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Quality Level   200
grade   ACS reagent
vapor density   3.4 (vs air)
vapor pressure   2.2 mmHg ( 20 °C)
  5 mmHg ( 25 °C)
assay   ≥85% H3PO4 basis (by NaOH, titration)
form   liquid
concentration   ≥85 wt. % in H2O
application(s)   NMR: suitable
impurities   reducing substances, passes test
  ≤0.001% volatile acids (as CH3COOH)
color   APHA: ≤10
bp   158 °C (lit.)
mp   ~40 °C (lit.)
density   1.685 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)
anion traces   chloride (Cl-): ≤3 ppm
  nitrate (NO3-): ≤5 ppm
  sulfate (SO42-): ≤0.003%
cation traces   As: ≤1 ppm
  Ca: ≤0.002%
  Fe: ≤0.003%
  K: ≤0.005%
  Mg: ≤0.02%
  Mn: ≤0.5 ppm
  Na: ≤0.025%
  Sb: ≤0.002%
  heavy metals (as Pb): ≤0.001%
SMILES string   OP(O)(O)=O
InChI   1S/H3O4P/c1-5(2,3)4/h(H3,1,2,3,4)
Gene Information   human ... SRC(6714)


General description

Phosphoric acid (H3PO4) is useful in industry for treating the metal surfaces to obtain better adhesion of paint and resin coatings.


Phosphoric acid may be employed as standard for the determination of phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance (31P NMR) chemical shifts of the common phospholipids. It may be employed in the following studies:
• As external standard for the analysis of lipid composition of human white matter by 31P NMR spectroscopy.
• As external standard during the acid-labile phosphorylation of histone H4 by 31P NMR spectroscopy.
• As reference standard to investigate the surface species present on silica/alumina-supported sodium phosphates by pre- and postreaction MAS31P-NMR and FTIR spectroscopies.
• As catalyst in the vapor-phase Fries rearrangement of phenylacetate at 623K over a series of surface modified and unmodified ZSM-5.


100, 12×100, 500 mL in poly bottle

2.5 L in poly bottle

Other Notes

Concentrated phosphoric acid is approx. 85% H3PO4 (aqueous).

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

Signal word 
Hazard statements 
UN 1805 8 / PGIII
WGK Germany 
Flash Point(F) 
Not applicable
Flash Point(C) 
Not applicable


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