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H3162 Supelco

Hydrochloric acid solution

1.0 N



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concentration   1.0 N
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GHS05  GHS05
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UN 1789 8 / PGIII
WGK Germany 


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Protocols & Articles


Enzymatic Assay of Achromopeptidase

The objective of this procedure is to standardize a method for the enzymatic assay of Achromopeptidase.
Keywords: Clinical, Microbiology

Enzymatic Assay of Aprotinin

The scope of this procedure is all products that have a specification for Aprotinin activity.
Keywords: Enzymology, Extinction coefficient

Enzymatic Assay of Cellulase

3.12 Unit definition: One unit will liberate 1.0 μmole of glucose from cellulose in one hour at pH 5.0 at 37ºC (2 hour incubation time).
Keywords: Extinction coefficient

Enzymatic Assay of Collagenase

The continuous spectrophotometric rate determination (A345, Light path = 1 cm) is based on the following reaction:
Keywords: Extinction coefficient

Enzymatic Assay of Proteinase K with Hemoglobin Substrate

The objectiveis to standardize a procedure for the enzymatic determination of Proteinase K using Hemoglobin as the substrate.
Keywords: Filtration

Enzymatic Assay of Trypsinogen

This scope of this procedure applies to products that have a specification for the enzymatic activity of trypsinogen.
Keywords: Enzyme activity, Extinction coefficient

Recycling Micro-Assay of β-NAD and β-NADH

1. OBJECTIVE To standardize a procedure for the recycling micro-assay of β-NAD and β-NADH at Sigma-Aldrich Saint Louis.
Keywords: Sonication

Suitability for the Qualitative Determination of Calcium with Phthalein Purple (O-Cresophthalein Complexone) using Stannous Chloride

1. OBJECTIVE To standardize a procedure to determine the suitability for the qualitative determination of calcium with phthalein purple at Sigma-Aldrich St. Louis.
Keywords: Absorption, Atomic absorption spectroscopy, Indicators, Inductively coupled plasma

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