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MAK254 Sigma-Aldrich

Tryptophan Assay Kit (Fluorometric)

sufficient for 100 fluorometric tests

  •  NACRES NA.84



General description

Tryptophan (TRP) is one of the eight essential amino acids. In general, TRP is the least abundant amino acid in humans. Chemically, TRP side chain (indole) confers its unique fluorometric properties. Tryptophan is mainly used for protein synthesis, in addition, TRP serves as a building block for several metabolites including kynurenine, serotonin, tryptamine, melatonin, niacin, and NAD/NADP. TRP is the only amino acid that can be found in blood in two forms: bound (BTRP) and free (FTRP) Tryptophan. Changes in tryptophan concentrations are directly related to a number of physiological and behavioral processes including: sleep, memory, depression, motion sickness, bipolar disorders, and schizophrenia. External sources of tryptophan include chicken, tuna, bananas, cheese, and chocolate.

Features and Benefits

Compatible with high-throughput handling systems.


Suitable for the detection of tryptophan in serum, plasma, urine and other biological fluids.


The Tryptophan Assay Kit measures the tryptophan concentration in biological fluids, including free and bound tryptophan in serum. The assay is based on a non-enzymatic reaction in which tryptophan is used as a building block to generate a fluorometric product (lex = 370 nm/lem = 440 nm). The reaction is specific and other amino acids do not interfere with the assay. This high-throughput adaptable assay kit is simple and sensitive enough to detect to 2.5 mM of tryptophan in a variety of biological samples.

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

UN 3316 9


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