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MAK264 Sigma-Aldrich

High Sensitivity Triglyceride Fluorometric Assay Kit

sufficient for 100 fluorometric tests

  •  NACRES NA.84



General description

Triglycerides (TG) are the main constituents of vegetable oil, animal fat, LDL and VLDL, and play an important role as transporters of fatty acids as well as an energy source. TG is broken down into fatty acids and glycerol, after which both can serve as substrates for energy producing and metabolic pathways. High blood levels of TG are implicated in atherosclerosis, heart disease and stroke as well as in pancreatitis.

Features and Benefits

Compatible with high-throughput handling systems.


Suitable for measuring triglyceride levels in serum, plasma, saliva, and other biological fluids, and tissue and cell culture samples.


The High Sensitivity Triglyceride Assay Kit is suitable for measuring triglyceride levels in samples that contain reducing substances that may interfere with oxidase-based assays. In this assay, TG is hydrolyzed with lipase to glycerol and fatty acids. The glycerol is used in a coupled enzyme reaction, which results in a fluorometric product (λex = 535 nm/λem = 587 nm), proportional to the amount of triglycerides present. This high-throughput, adaptable assay kit is simple and sensitive with the capability to detect less than 0.4 μM of triglycerides in a variety of samples.

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

NONH for all modes of transport
Protocols & Articles
Peer-Reviewed Papers


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