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  • A9287 - Alcohol Dehydrogenase, NADP+ dependent from Thermoanaerobium brockii

A9287 Sigma

Alcohol Dehydrogenase, NADP+ dependent from Thermoanaerobium brockii Green Alternative

lyophilized powder, 30-90 units/mg protein

Synonym: Alcohol:NADP+ oxidoreductase, TBADH



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form   lyophilized powder
composition   Protein, ~50% biuret
greener alternative product characteristics   Waste Prevention: Greener alternative product characteristics
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solubility   H2O: soluble 1-1.1 mg/mL, clear to slightly hazy, colorless to slightly yellow
greener alternative category   Enabling
storage temp.   −20°C


Biochem/physiol Actions

An extremely thermostable enzyme with broad substrate specificity for alcohols, ketones and acetaldehyde.

TBADH is a medium chain, NADP-linked, class A enzyme that reversibly catalyzes the oxidation of secondary alcohols to the corresponding ketones. TBADH is a tetramer comprising of four identical subunits, each containing 352 amino acid residues, and a catalytic zinc metal ion.

General description

Sigma Life Science is committed to bringing you Greener Alternative Products, which adhere to one or more of The 12 Principles of Greener Chemistry. This product has been enhanced for waste prevention when used in fuel cell research. For more information see the article in biofiles.

Preparation Note

Dissolves in water at 1-1.1 mg/mL concentration to form a clear to slightly hazy, colorless to slightly yellow colored solution.



Unit Definition

One unit will oxidize 1.0 μmole of 2-propanol to acetone per min at pH 7.8 at 40 °C in the presence of NADP+.

Physical form

Contains sodium citrate and dithioerythritol.


Thermoanaerobium brockii alcohol dehydrogenase (TBADH) is a biocatalyst that catalyzes the reduction of a broad range of aliphatic ketones to the corresponding secondary alcohols with excellent enantioselectivity. Many of these enantiomerically pure alcohols produced by TBADH are useful building blocks for the synthesis of natural products. TBADH, from Sigma, has been used in the synthesis of all four isomers of 8-methyldec-2-yl-propanoate, the sex pheromone emitted by the female western corn rootworm.

Alcohol dehydrogenase may be used to synthesize enantiomerically pure stereoisomers of chiral alcohols. It may be used to study ethanol fuel cells, alcoholism and drug dependence . Product A9287 is NADP+ dependent and from Thermoanaerobium brockii. It contains sodium citrate and dithioerythritol.

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