C2026 Sigma

Ceruloplasmin bovine

2,000-6,000 units/mL, saline solution, oxidase 20-60 units/mg protein



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form   saline solution
mol wt   mol wt ~135 kDa
concentration   2,000-6,000 units/mL
copper content   ≥80 μg/mL
storage temp.   2-8°C
Gene Information   cow ... CP(280681)


Analysis Note

Protein determined by biuret

Unit Definition

One unit will cause a ΔA550 of 0.01 per min using N,N-dimethyl-p-phenylenediamine as substrate at pH 6.4 and 37 °C, in a 7 mL reaction volume.

Physical form

Solution in 0.25 M sodium chloride, 0.05 M sodium acetate, pH ~7.0

Biochem/physiol Actions

Ceruloplasmin (Cp), the principal carrier of copper in plasma, is thought to be involved in oxidative modification of lipoproteins and participate in the acute phase reaction to stress. Cp is an effective antioxidant for a variety of radicals and has a potent peroxidase activity to decompose hydrogen peroxide in the presence of reduced glutathione. It inhibits the peroxidase activity of myeloperoxidase in a concentration-dependent manner and shows selective binding to myeloperoxidase in vitro. This suggests that ceruloplasmin may participate in the clearance and inactivation of myeloperoxidase in vivo. At physiological (micromolar) concentrations it was found to inhibit relaxation of rabbit aorta induced by endothelium-dependent agonists like acetylcholine or ADP. However, it was found ineffective toward vasodilation due to direct stimulation of smooth muscle cells by nitroglycerin. Cp plays an essential role in iron homeostasis, regulating the efflux of iron from macrophages and the oxidation of Fe2+ to Fe3+. Cp deficiency leads to neurodegenerative disorders, possibly by starving neurons of iron.

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Protocols & Articles


Plasma Derived Proteins and Enzymes

Despite their complexity, blood and plasma are abundant biological resources for the discovery of drug targets and biomarkers for human disease. It is estimated that plasma may contain as many as 40,...
BioFiles 2006, 1.5, 2.
Keywords: Applications, Gas chromatography, Type

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Ceruloplasm in Cell Culture

Importance and uses of ceruloplasm in serum-free eucaryotic, including hybridoma and Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell, cultures
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