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Custom CRISPR Products

Synonym: CRISPR, CRISPRs, Cas9, Crispr RNA, Crispr/Cas System, Sigma CRISPR, Synthetic CRISPR, crRNA, tracrRNA

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Sanger CRISPR QuickPick Knockout Clones

  • MilliporeSigma and The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute have partnered to create the world’s first whole genome arrayed CRISPR libraries. Together, the combined libraries contain over 74,000 individual CRISPR clones designed to maximize knockout of nearly every protein-coding gene in the human and mouse genomes. These ready-to-use constructs are now available to the global research community as individual clones, gene panels, and whole genome libraries.
  • Use the Ordering icon to the right to order human or mouse Sanger CRISPR clones in any one of three formats to knockout your gene of interest.
    Use the links below for specific information on each format:
    Bacterial glycerol stocks
    Transfection-grade plasmid DNA
    Lentiviral transduction particles

Sigma CRISPR Selection Tool

  • Instantly browse unique, pre-designed CRISPR targets for the coding regions of the human, mouse, and rat genomes
  • Use the tabs at the top of the design tool to find wild type CRISPR or paired nickase CRISPR targets for your specific application
  • Select from a growing number of formats and configurations, ranging from all-in-one plasmids to purified, microinjection-ready guide RNA
  • Take advantage of Sigma-Aldrich’s extensive genome editing experience and leave your design in the hands of our world-class bioinformatics team
  • Custom CRISPR targets are available upon request for any genomic target or species and for custom volumes and formats
    Custom CRISPR Order Form

Sigma CRISPR Lentivirus

Recommended Uses: High efficiency knockout screens, target selection, lead discovery, compound screening, antibiotic or fluorophore enrichment, genome editing in hard or impossible to transfect cells

  • Sigma’s CRISPR lentivirus permanently integrates genes for Cas9, a guide RNA, and two selection markers into a cell’s genome. These constitutively expressed components allow for the quick and efficient enrichment of a nearly homogenous population of modified cells.
  • Select “Lentiviral Particles” in the dropdown menu of the CRISPR Design Tool to order 200 μl of ready-to-use lentivirus designed to cut your target gene of choice (provided at a minimum titer of 1x106 TU/ml determined via p24, ships in 6 weeks or less).
  • Use puromycin or FACS to enrich for modified cells. Screen compounds and test pathways in the complete absence of a target gene. Take advantage of Sigma’s decade of lentiviral manufacturing experience.
  • Choose your gene targets from our pre-designed collection or let us create custom designs for your genome editing experiments. Contact us for bulk order discounts or custom CRISPR lentivirus requests.
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Sigma CRISPR Plasmids

Recommended Uses: Genome editing in cell culture (knockout/knock-in), transient transfection, FACS enrichment

  • Choose your gene targets from our pre-designed collection using the Design Tool or let us create custom Sigma CRISPRs for your knockout and knock-in projects.
  • Use the dropdown bar in the Design Tool to select from numerous vector choices: guide RNA-only, guide RNA with Cas9 (All-in-one), or lentiviral vectors.
  • Each construct is provided as 1 ug of transfection-grade CRISPR plasmid with a guide RNA targeting your sequence already cloned in (ships in 4 weeks or less).
  • Fluorescent GFP or RFP markers only appear in Cas9-expressing cells.
  • Custom CRISPRs are available for targeted gene modifications, for other species and for custom volume and formats. Please fill out and submit this form so that we may evaluate your project:
    Custom CRISPR Order Form
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Sigma CRISPR Paired Nickases

Recommended Uses: High specificity genome editing (knockout/knock-in) in cell culture (using transient transfection with the plasmid format) and transgenic animal generation (using microinjection with the RNA format), FACS enrichment with Cas9D10A-GFP/RFP plasmids

  • Paired nickases increase the specificity of CRISPR genome editing by requiring two independent guide RNAs to bind near the DNA target sequence while in the presence of the Cas9-D10A nicking nuclease.
  • The two guide RNAs for Sigma CRISPR paired nickases are provided on two separate plasmids or RNA molecules. Use the dropdown menu in the design tool to specify which format you prefer.
  • The Cas9-D10A nicking nuclease must be obtained and supplied separately and is available from Sigma-Aldrich as either plasmid or microinjection-ready mRNA.
  • Having the two guide RNAs provided separately allows for the independent validation of their cutting activity when used with wild type Cas9.
  • Choose your targets from our pre-designed collection or let us create custom Sigma CRISPR paired nickases for your knockout and knock-in projects.
    Custom CRISPR Order Form
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Custom guide RNA (RNA Format)

Recommended Uses: Microinjection, transgenic creation

  • Eliminate the potential for plasmid integration and avoid waiting for vector expression by using purified RNAs to generate transgenic animals with CRISPR.
  • Individual guide RNAs are provided as 4 micrograms of microinjection-ready, purified RNA in a single aliquot.
  • Guide RNAs in the RNA format are available for both individual and paired nickase guide RNAs.
  • Choose your targets from our pre-designed collection or let us create custom Sigma CRISPR paired nickases for your knockout and knock-in projects.

  • Custom CRISPR Order Form
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Cas9 mRNA, Expression Plasmids, and Recombinant Protein

Recommended Uses: Microinjection, transient transfection, genome editing (knockout/knock-in) in cell culture (mRNA); transient transfection, genome editing in cell culture (knockout/knock-in), FACS enrichment (plasmid)

  • Codon-optimized Cas9 is available in both wild type and Cas9-D10A nickase versions.
  • Transfect Cas9 expression vectors with optional fluorophores for FACS enrichment and easy visualization of transfection efficiency.
  • Microinject either purified, injection-ready Cas9 protein or mRNA.
  • Ready-to-ship in 2 business days.
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Sigma CRISPR Positive Controls

Recommended Uses: Validate the efficiency of your genome editing experiment or screen

  • Verify the success of your genome editing experiments with validated guide RNAs against the human EMX1 gene
  • Positive controls are available for both the wild type and nickase CRISPR systems
  • Wild type Cas9 or Cas9-D10A nicking enzyme is provided with the purchase of the corresponding control
  • Ready-to-ship in 2 business days
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Sigma CRISPR Universal Negative Controls

Recommended Uses: Confirm the veracity of your genome editing experiment or screen

  • Sigma’s Universal Negative Controls express a guide RNA that has been bioinformatically designed not to target any sequence in the human, mouse, or rat genomes.
  • Allows for the expression of Cas9 and GFP without targeting a DNA locus.
  • Universal Negative Controls are provided in Sigma’s all-in-one CRISPR vector expressing both Cas9 and a non-targeting guide RNA.
  • For most CRISPR experiments we recommend Universal Negative Control 1; Universal Negative Control 2 and 3 can be used as additional controls or as alternatives to Universal Negative Control 1.
  • Ready-to-ship in 2 business days.
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