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CZFA1504 Sigma-Aldrich

CompoZr® ZFA Targeting Human KLF4

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Quality Level   200
product line   CompoZr®
shipped in   dry ice
storage temp.   −70°C


General description

Zinc finger nucleases (ZFNs) are a class of engineered DNA-binding proteins that facilitate targeted gene editing. Now, Sigma-Aldrich provides ZF activators, repressors and epigenetic modifiers for gene expression studies. ZFAs, or similarly called ZF−TFs (zinc finger transcription factors) incorporate a transcriptional activation domain in place of the nuclease domain found in ZFNs and specifically activate coding and non-coding genes. The increase in specific gene expression is dependent on the target binding site and the effector domain selected. Native gene activation is through ZFAs binding to promoters and recruiting the transcriptional machinery. This approach for activation also has the benefit of expressing endogenous isoforms at the proper ratio.
*Please note all ZFA plasmids are made standard with the p65 activation domain. The end-user will have to swap out the p65 domain and clone in the other activation, epigenetic or repressor domains as needed.

Features and Benefits

CompoZr ZFAs allows researchers to over-express endogenous genes with the advantage of having all splice variants in the appropriate ratios.

• Validated ZFAs targeting KLF4 (human).
• ZFA is a powerful, novel tool to modulate gene expression in human cells with low potential for off-targets.


• Validated ZFA plasmids with the p65 activation domain to upregulate human KLF4.

Preparation Note

Transcription Factor p65, or the RelA NF-kappaB (nuclear factor kappaB) subunit, contains a C-terminal transcriptional activation domain. Additional activation domains are included in the kit, which include plasmids with the 2xp65, VP16 and VP64 activation domains. 2xp65 consists of two repeating units of the p65 activation domain. VP16 is a trans-acting domain from the herpes simplex virus that induces early gene transcription. VP64 is a transactivating domain made up of a tetrameric repeat of VP16 minimal activation domain.

Other Notes

If you are interested in the CompoZr ZFN technology for permanent editing of your gene of interest, please inquire about our Custom ZFN Service offering at: ZFNOps@sial.com

Legal Information

CompoZr is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

Safety & Documentation

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CompoZr® Custom Zinc Finger Activators

CompoZr Zinc Finger Activators (ZFAs or ZF-TFs) are engineered zinc finger transcription factors that facilitate highly specific, targeted transcriptional activation or repression by fusing zinc fing...
Keywords: Gene expression, Transcription

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