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StrepTrap High Performance

Cytiva, 28-9075-48, pack of 5 × 5 mL

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Related Categories Analytical/Chromatography, HiTrap & PD-10 Cartridges, Resins & LC Separation Media, Resins and Media
shelf life   Please be aware this product may be shipped 90 days before the expiration date. For more information on the batch specific expiration date, please contact technical service.
packaging   pack of 5 × 5 mL
mfr. no.   Cytiva, 28-9075-48
parameter   42 psi (H2O at room temperature.)
bed size   16 mm × 25 mm
bed volume   5 mL
column I.D.   16 mm
matrix   highly cross-linked 6% agarose
avg. part. size   34 μm
working range   7
capacity   ~6 mg binding capacity (Strep II-tagged protein/ml medium)(H2O at room temperature.)
storage temp.   2-8°C


General description

StrepTrap HP is a ready to use HiTrap® column prepacked with StrepTactin Sepharose® High Performance for purifying Strep-tag II recombinant proteins.


Tagged purification using afinity to the Strep tag.

Features and Benefits

• Highly pure Strep-tag II recombinant proteins eluted in concentrated form and small volumes.
• Physiological conditions and mild elution preserves the activity of the target protein.
• Convenient, time-saving operation and reproducible results

Analysis Note

To view the Certificate of Analysis for this product, please visit www.gelifesciences.com.

Legal Information

HiTrap is a registered trademark of Cytiva

Sepharose is a registered trademark of Cytiva

StrepTrap is a trademark of Cytiva

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

UN1170 - class 3 - PG 3 - Ethanol, solution


Certificate of Analysis (COA)

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Protocols & Articles


Selection Guide for Polymeric Resins in Chromatography & Purification

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Characteristics of StrepTactin Sepharose High Performance Products

Appendix 4, Extracted from Affinity Chromatography Vol. 2: Tagged Proteins, GE Healthcare, 2016  
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Desalting/Buffer Exchange and Concentration for Affinity Chromatography of Tagged Proteins

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Manual and Automated Purification

Chapter 2, Extracted from Affinity Chromatography Vol. 2: Tagged Proteins, GE Healthcare, 2016
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Purification using StrepTrap HP 1 ml and 5 ml

StrepTrap™ HP 1 ml and 5 ml columns are made of biocompatible polypropylene that does not interact with biomolecules (Figure 7.2). Prepacked StrepTrap™ HP columns provide fast, simple, and easy separ...
Keywords: Affinity chromatography, Buffers, Cell disruption, Chromatography, Homogenization, PAGE, Sample preparations, Sonication, Tagged proteins

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