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LSMLS Sigma-Aldrich

Large Scale Metabolite Library

Supplied by IROA Technologies

Synonym: LSMLS, Large Scale Metabolite Library of Standards, Mass Spectrometry Metabolite Library, Metabolic Library, Metabolite Library, primary metabolites



Related Categories Cell Biology, Large Scale Metabolite Standards, Metabolite Libraries and Collections, Metabolomics
availability   not available in (available in US only)
shipped in   dry ice
storage temp.   −20°C



Metabolite qualification and quantification for MS, NMR, etc.
Functional cellular assays
Phenotypic screening

Features and Benefits

Over 500 unique small molecule metabolites organized in a 96-well format.

To view a complete list of compounds in the library visit LSMLS Plate Map

The complete plate map with name, Parent CID, molecular formula, molecular weight, CAS, ChEBI, HMBD ID, PubChem Compound and Substance ID are provided with the software dowmload.

Broad metabolite spectrum, key primary metabolites and intermediates covering key metabolic pathways, including the following classes of compounds:
• Carboxylic acids, amino acids
• Biogenic amines, polyamines
• Nucleotides, coenzymes and vitamins
• Mono-and disaccharides; Fatty acids, lipids, steroids and hormones

General description

LSMLS (Large Scale Metabolite Library of Standards) is a collection of high quality small biochemical molecules that span a broad range of primary metabolism. These are high purity (>95%) compounds supplied in an economical, ready-to-use format. This library of standards is most commonly used for metabolite qualification and quantification for MS and NMR, functional cellular assays and phenotypic screening. Metabolite descriptors provided with product include: Name, Parent CID, molecular formula, molecular weight, CAS, ChEBI, HMDB ID, PubChem Compound and Substance ID.

The library is intended to be used for mass spectrometry metabolomics applications and provides a broad representation of primary metabolism.

Other Notes

LSMLS is available in US only. To recieve more information about the International LSMLS click here.

MLSDiscovery software package is distributed with and is tailored to work with LSMLS. A user manual and video instructions are provided.

To download the software package, visit sigma.com/mlsdiscovery.

To view the MLSDiscovery Video visit: MLSDiscovery Tutorial Video.

Preparation Note

LSMLS compounds are conveniently provided at 1mg per well, enough for multiple injections. Compounds can either be used as standards and injected individually or a strategy may be employed to pool compounds by row to allow multiple mixtures to be analyzed per injection. For more information on LSMLS, solubilization and preparation notes please refer to the product information sheet at the top of the page.


Suitable for manual and automated work flows.

Legal Information

LSMLS is a trademark of IROA Technologies LLC

MLSDiscovery is a trademark of IROA Technologies LLC

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

UN 3316 9
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