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MAK173 Sigma-Aldrich

Universal Fluorometric Kinase Assay Kit

sufficient for 250 fluorometric tests



General description

Protein kinases are the enzymes that catalyze the transfer of phosphate group from a phosphate donor to an acceptor in a substrate protein. Kinases are of great interest to researchers due to their role in cell signaling and their roles in disease states.

Most of the commercial protein kinase assay kits are based on monitoring either phosphopeptide formation or the ATP depletion. Kinase assays that rely on the detection of phosphopeptides require significant effort to identify an optimized peptide for the specific kinase of interest. The ATP depletion method suffers various interferences due to inhibition or activation of luciferase by compounds found in the biological matrix.


Suitable for the determination of kinase activity and for screening and identifying kinase inhibitors


This Universal Fluorimetric Kinase Assay Kit is based on monitoring ADP formation, which is directly proportional to kinase activity. This enzyme-coupled kit provides a fast, efficient, and homogeneous assay to measure kinase activities. This assay kit is a non-radioactive and non-antibody based method to detect the amount of ADP produced from enzyme reaction without a separation step.

This kit demonstrates high sensitivity (<0.3 μM ADP) and broad ATP tolerance (1-300 μM. This kit can be utilized for determining kinase Michaelis-Menten kinetics and for screening and identifying kinase inhibitors.

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