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MystiCq® microRNA qPCR Control Primer




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form   liquid
concentration   10 mg/mL
mp   ~81.5 °C
GenBank® mature/minor accession no.   NR_002745.1
shipped in   wet ice
storage temp.   −20°C
Gene Information   human ... SNORD48(26801)


Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits
• Proprietary design features of assay primers allow for specificity towards mature microRNAs vs. precursor-microRNAs
• Extensive design and testing of oligo-dT adapter primer to incorporate complementary Universal PCR Primer sequence
• No self-complementarity or primer dimer artifacts with the Universal PCR Primer
• Optimized primer Tm designed to match the Universal PCR Primer
• Universal cycling conditions ensures robust amplification for all assays in profiling experiments
• Optimized PCR product Tm (75-78° C)

General description

The MystiCq microRNA qPCR Control Primer is an integral part of the MystiCq microRNA qPCR Assay System. It has been designed to target specific small RNAs with the MystiCq Universal PCR primer and the MystiCq microRNA SYBR Green qPCR ReadyMix on cDNA templates generated by the MystiCq microRNA cDNA Synthesis Mix.

Legal Information

GenBank is a registered trademark of United States Department of Health and Human Services

MystiCq is a registered trademark used under license.

Price and Availability

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Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

NONH for all modes of transport
WGK Germany 


Certificate of Analysis

Protocols & Articles


Imprint RIP | uRNA Quantitation | MicroRNA primers | MicroRNA Reverse Transcription

Sigma’s Imprint RNA Immunoprecipitation Kit was used to co-purify human argonaute 2 (Ago2)-associated RNAs from HeLa cells, essentially as instructed in the Technical Bulletin. To evaluate the differ...
Carol Kreader
Principal R&D Scientist
Keywords: Buffers, Cell disruption, Immunoprecipitation, Polymerase chain reaction - quantitative, RNA immunoprecipitation, Western blot

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