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MTOX1018QP96 Sigma

BSEP Knockout HepaRG B-CLEAR® Cells

one assay ready, 96 well plate, Cells with B-CLEAR® License



biological source   human female liver (hepatocarcinoma and hepatitis C)
storage temp.   room temp
Gene Information   human ... ABCB11(8647)



B-CLEAR® technology along with Sigma′s proprietary HepaRG 5F clone and transporter knockout cell lines can be used by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for:

1. Predicting biliary clearance of substrates and hepatic exposure.
2. Identifying good substrates of hepatic transporters.
3. Predicting and interpreting potential drug-drug interactions.
4. Expediting the selection of drug candidates

See technical bulletin for detailed protocols

Features and Benefits

Purchase of this product provides license to use B-CLEAR® technology and 1 plate of HepaRG cells. B-CLEAR® technology can be used with HepaRG 5F control cells (MTOX1010), efflux transporter knockout cell lines, such as MDR1 (MTOX1019), BSEP (MTOX1018) and MRP3 (MTOX1105) knockout cell lines; and uptake transporter knockout cell lines, such as OATP1B3 (MTOX1016) knockout cell line.

General description

The B-CLEAR® technology allows you to measure the biliary clearance of compounds. It works by reducing the integrity of the canalicular tight junctions that separate the bile canaliculi in sandwich hepatocytes′ culture. Briefly, the hepatocytes are first incubated with compound of interest in a Ca2+ buffer. The compound is taken up by the hepatocytes and some of the metabolite of the compound might be effluxed in to the bile canaliculi. In the second step, a buffer lacking Ca2+ is used, disruping the tight junctions of bile canaliculi, and allowing the measurement of uptake, biliary excretion and efflux by LC/MS or liquid scintillation counting.

Legal Information

This product is covered by the License Agreement as described in Exhibit 1, 2 and 3, in the technical bulletin.

B-CLEAR is a registered trademark of Qualyst Transporter Solutions, LLC

HepaRG is a trademark of BioPredic International company


Tested for Mycoplasma, sterility, post-freeze viability, short terminal repeat (STR) analysis for cell line identification, cytochrome oxidase I (COI) analysis for cell line species confirmation

Price and Availability

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

UN 3245 9
WGK Germany 
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