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P4591 Sigma

Pyruvate Oxidase from microorganisms

lyophilized powder, ≥1.5 U/mg

Synonym: Pyruvate:oxygen oxidoreductase (phosphorylating)




100 units in poly bottle

Unit Definition

One unit will produce 1.0 μmole of H2O2 per min during the conversion of pyruvate and phosphate to acetylphosphate and CO2 at pH 5.7 at 37 °C.

Physical form

Lyophilized powder containing FAD and sugar as stabilizer


Pyruvate Oxidase (PoxB) converts pyruvate directly to acetate and CO2. It is used to study pyruvate metabolism. It is used to study aerobic metabolism of bacterium, such as Lactobacillus plantarumand Streptococcus pneumoniae. Pyruvate Oxidase is used for enzymatic determination of pyruvate, GOT, and GPT in clinical analysis.

Biochem/physiol Actions

Pyruvate Oxidase consists of four subunits with identical molecular weights. PoxB reacts with certain aldehydes and phosphate can be replaced by arsenate. Oxygen as well as several artificial compounds can function as electron acceptors. Pyruvate Oxidase is activated by phospholipids as well as monomeric and micellar amphiphiles.

Physical properties

Isoelectric point : 4.3
Michaelis constant : 3.4 X 10-4M (Pyruvate)
Inhibitors : Fe++,Zn++,Cu++,Ag+,Hg++
Optimum pH : 5.7
Optimum temperature : 65oC
pH Stability : pH 5.7 - 6.5 (25oC, 20hr)
Thermal stability : below 45oC (pH 6.0, 15min)

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Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

NONH for all modes of transport
WGK Germany 


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Protocols & Articles


Assay Procedure for Pyruvate Oxidase Bacterial

One unit causes the formation of one micromole of hydrogen peroxide (half a micromole of quinoneimine dye) per minute under the conditions described below.
Keywords: Extinction coefficient

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