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Fire Monkey / Fire Flower High Molecular Weight-DNA Extraction Kit



feature   Includes Columns in 2 mL Collection Tubes, Lysis Solution DNA, Binding Solution, Wash Solution, Elution Buffer
packaging   case of 1 ea (50 extractions)
storage temp.   room temp


General description

For the extraction of high molecular weight DNA from animal and bacterial cells, and size selection of extracted DNA from all sample types.

Fire Monkey is a standard spin-column process which extracts HMW-DNA with average strand lengths of 100kb and above from both bacterial and mammalian cells within 1hr.

Fire Flower is a standard spin-column process that can size select extracted DNA from all sample sources within 15mins. Fire Flower can increase the overall average strand length by 30%, while depleting DNA fragments up to 30kb. Fire Flower can be used to size-select up to 200 μL of extracted DNA despite the sample being rich in small DNA fragments.

The two major disruptive features of Fire Monkey are that firstly, it generates average DNA fragment lengths of between 100kbp – 130kbp and secondly, it significantly reduces the amount of small DNA fragments shorter than 10kbp in the final product. This combination, where significant amounts of the DNA fragments have intact lengths of over 165,000 base pairs and up to several hundred thousands base pairs in length, combined with the absence of most of the smaller DNA fragments, through its inbuilt size selection capability, massively improves the eventual long-read sequencing of the sample. Fire Monkey improves the N50 measure of sequencing quality by 100% and yet it takes a sixth of the time to do so compared to the main competing NAIP kits.


Fire Monkey and Illumina reads used for AMR Characterization:
Rasheed F et al
Microorganisms 8 (9) 1336 Emergence of Resistance to Fluoroquinolones and ThirdGeneration Cephalosporins in Salmonella Typhi in Lahore, Pakistan

Fire Monkey and combined Nanopore/Illumina reads used for complete genome assembly of rare food chain pathogen. Public Health England reference lab:
Gao R et al
Microbiology Resource Announcements Volume: 9, Issue: 35. e0028020
Complete Genome Assemb lies of the Rare Salmonella enterica Serovar Adjame Using Nanopore and Illumina Sequence Reads

Fire Monkey and Nanopore reads used to characterize emerging resistance in a foodchain pathogen subpopulation:
Zhang CZ et al
Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy dkaa288
Emergence of ciprofloxacin heteroresistance in foodborne Salmonella enterica serovar Agona.

Fire Monkey and 10xIllumina reads used for animal chromosome haplotyping. DanaFarber Cancer
Institute, Harvard University:
Tourdot RW & Zhang CZ
Determination of complete chromosomal haplotypes by bulk DNA sequencing

Fire Monkey Total Nucleic Acid and PCR analysis of DNA and messenger RNA used to detect targets of
clinical infectious disease samples:
Todd AV & Lima NE
Nucleic Acid Ratio Determination (Patent Application). Pub. No.: US 2020/0199651

Features and Benefits

• Protocols are user-friendly and can be high-throughput.
• Only basic laboratory equipment is required
• Extract and purify long-fragments of DNA within one hour
• In-built size-exclusion limits fragments <10kb

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