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  • SAB4200088 - Anti-DGCR8 (C-terminal) antibody produced in rabbit

SAB4200088 Sigma

Anti-DGCR8 (C-terminal) antibody produced in rabbit

~1.0 mg/mL, affinity isolated antibody

Synonym: Anti-DGCRK8, Anti-DiGeorge syndrom critical region 8



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species reactivity   human
application(s)   immunoprecipitation (IP): 2.5-5 μg using lysates of HEK-293T cells over expressing human DGCR8
  indirect immunofluorescence: 2-5 μg/mL using paraformaldehyde fixed HEK-293T cells over expressing human DGCR8
  western blot: 1-2 μg/mL using lysates of HEK-293T cells over expressing human DGCR8
clone   polyclonal
concentration   ~1.0 mg/mL
antibody form   affinity isolated antibody
form   buffered aqueous solution
mol wt   antigen mol wt ~100 kDa
shipped in   dry ice
storage temp.   −20°C
Gene Information   human ... DGCR8(54487)
mouse ... Dgcr8(94223)
biological source   rabbit
conjugate   unconjugated



synthetic peptide corresponding to amino acids 701-714 of human DGCR8 conjugated to KLH. The corresponding sequence is identical in mouse.

General description

DGCR8 (DGCR8 microprocessor complex subunit) is a double-stranded RNA-binding protein mapped to the chromosome 22q11.2. It is composed of a WW domain and two double-stranded RNA-binding domains (dsRBDs).

Physical form

Solution in 0.01 M phos­phate buffered saline, pH 7.4, containing 15 mM sodium azide.


Anti-DGCR8 (C-terminal) antibody produced in rabbit has been used in western blot assay to study the subcellular localization of KSRP (KH-type splicing regulatory protein) in RACK1 (receptor for activated protein kinase C)-knockdown cells. It has been used in Western blotting to study the phosphorylation status of TRBP (TAR RNA binding protein) in a study of glucose tolerance through inhibition of microRNA maturation in miRNA103 transgenic mice. Anti-DGCR8 (C-terminal) antibody produced in rabbit is also suitable for immunoprecipitation at a concentration of 2.5-5μg using lysates of HEK-293T cells over expressing human DGCR8, indirect immunofluorescence at the concentration of 2-5μg/mL using paraformaldehyde fixed HEK-293T cells over expressing human DGCR8 and western blot at a dilution of 1-2μg/mL using lysates of HEK-293T cells over expressing human DGCR8.

Applications in which this antibody has been used successfully, and the associated peer-reviewed papers, are given below.
Western Blotting (1 paper)

Biochem/physiol Actions

DGCR8 (DGCR8 microprocessor complex subunit) participates in the biogenesis of microRNA (miRNA, miR) as a major component of the microprocessor complex. DGCR8 provides guidance to the RNase III enzyme, Drosha during rRNA processing. It forms the microprocessor complex by binding to the RNase III enzyme Drosha, which further converts long primary miRNAs (pri-miRNAs) into short hairpins called precursor miRNAs (pre-miRNAs). The processed hairpins finally are transported to the cytoplasm for further processing by Dicer into mature miRNAs. DGCR8 is also required for global gene regulation and silencing of embryonic stem cell self-renewal. Deletion of DGCR8 chromosomal location has been reported in the DiGeorge and velocardiofacial syndrome.

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