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V0758 Sigma

pYAC 4 cloning vector

Synonym: Yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) cloning system



storage temp.   −20°C


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This system has been used to clone large DNA fragments, 50 to 100 kb in length. YAC vectors contain a pBR322 origin of replication, an ampicillin resistance marker, an ARS1 sequence for yeast replication, and a CEN4 sequence to provide centromeric functions. Unique restriction sites for foreign DNA insertion are located in the SUP4 gene. Two other unique restriction sites, Cla I and Sal I, located outside the cloning site, are present in pYAC 4. In addition to the restriction enzymes needed for the cloning site, BamH I is required to open the circular vector to create the active linear chromosome. The host cells should be an ::FIade2-ochre strain of yeast such as ATCC 20843. Primary transformants are selected for complementation of a ::FIura3 marker in the host by the vector′s URA3 gene. Transformants are screened for complementation of a host ::FItrp1 marker to ensure both arms of the artificial chromosome are derived from the vector, and for loss of the ochre suppressor SUP4, which is interrupted by insertion of foreign DNA in the cloning site. Cells expressing the suppressor form white colonies while cells with inactivated suppressor form red colonies.


Unique cloning site: EcoR I

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