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Essential Cell Biology 2nd ed.

  •  ISBN-10 0-81533480-X

  •  ISBN-13 978-0-81533480-4



publication info   B. Alberts, et al., ed., Garland Publishing, 2004, 864 pp., hard cover/CD-ROM


General description

The second edition contains basic, core knowledge about how cells work. The text and figures have been prepared to be easy-to-follow, accurate, clear and engaging for the introductory student. Each section follows logically from the previous one, telling a story, rather than being a collection of facts. Questions integrated throughout each chapter encourage the reader to pause, think about what they have read, and attempt to apply the new knowledge in ways that test their understanding. Based on user feedback, this edition now offers increased coverage of genetics and more experimental background.

Table of Contents

• Chapter 1: Introduction to Cells
• Chapter 2: Chemical Components of Cells
• Chapter 3: Energy, Catalysis, and Biosynthesis
• Chapter 4: Protein Structure and Function
• Chapter 5: DNA and Chromosomes
• Chapter 6: DNA Replication, Repair, and Recombination<
• Chapter 7: From DNA to Protein: How Cells Read the Genome
• Chapter 8: Control of Gene Expression
• Chapter 9: How Genes and Genomes Evolve
• Chapter 10: Manipulating Genes and Cells
• Chapter 11: Membrane Structure
• Chapter 12: Membrane Transport
• Chapter 13: How Cells Obtain Energy from Food
• Chapter 14: Energy Generation in Mitochondria and Chloroplasts
• Chapter 15: Intracellular Compartments and Transport
• Chapter 16: Cell Communication
• Chapter 17: Cytoskeleton
• Chapter 18: Cell-Cycle Control and Cell Death
• Chapter 19: Cell Division
• Chapter 20: Genetics, Meiosis, and the Molecular Basis of Heredity
• Chapter 21: Tissues and Cancer

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