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Z719811 Sigma

Whatman® FTA® card technology

PlantSaver FTA card in a classic card format with 4 sample areas per card, pkg of 100 ea

Synonym: whatman fta cards



packaging   pkg of 100 ea
mfr. no.   Whatman Article No., 28421873 (US reference)
  Whatman, WB120065
suitability   suitable for (isolation, purification and storage of nucleic acids)



Use FTA card technology for a wide range of applications:
• Forensics
• Transgenic identification
• Transfusion medicine
• Plasmid screening
• Food and agriculture testing
• Drug discovery
• Genomics
• STR analysis
• Animal identification
• Whole genome amplification
• Molecular biology

Features and Benefits

• Capture nucleic acid in one easy step
• Captured nucleic acid is ready for downstream applications in less than 30 minutes
• DNA collected on FTA Cards is preserved for years at room temperature
• FTA Cards are stored at room temperature before and after sample application, reducing the need for laboratory freezers
• Suitable for virtually any cell type
• Indicating FTA Cards change color upon sample application to facilitate handling of colorless samples
• FTA Cards are available in a variety of configurations to meet application requirements
• Custom configurations are available on request

General description

PlantSaver FTA Card
Plant friendly FTA Card, in a classic card format. Features a laminated flap that allows you to vigorously pound the plant sample into the FTA matrix without damaging the FTA card.

FTA cards utilize Whatman FTA technology that simplifies the handling and processing of nucleic acids. FTA Cards contain chemicals that lyse cells, denature proteins and protect nucleic acids from nucleases, oxidation and UV damage. FTA cards rapidly inactivate organisms, including blood-borne pathogens, and prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Capture nucleic acids in one easy step
Simply apply your sample to the FTA Card. Cell membranes and organelles are lysed and the released nucleic acids are entrapped in the fibers of the matrix. The nucleic acids remain immobilized and are preserved for transport, immediate processing or long-term room temperature storage.

Since captured nucleic acids are preserved, FTA Cards facilitate sample collection in remote locations and simplify sample transport. For example, you can collect samples in the field without worrying about immediate refrigeration. Ship your samples back to the laboratory without expensive special handling or dry ice and process at your convenience.
Indicating FTA Cards are recommended for colorless samples. These FTA Cards change from pink to white when sample is applied, verifying the location of the sample.

FTA Cards can be used with virtually any sample type:
• Blood
• Cultured cells
• Buccal cells
• Plasmids
• Solid tissue

Captured nucleic acid is ready for downstream applications in less than 30 minutes
Captured nucleic acids are ready for purification when you are. Just take a punch from the FTA Card, wash with FTA Purification Reagent and rinse with TE-1 (10 mM Tris-HCI, 0.1 mM EDTA, pH 8) buffer. DNA on the washed punch is ready to use in applications such as PCR, SNP analysis, and real-time PCR. Since PCR products remain in solution, the punch can be used for multiple amplifications.

Store nucleic acids at room temperature for years

Genomic DNA stored on FTA Cards at room temperature for over 17 years (and counting) has been successfully amplified by PCR. RNA, being chemically less stable than DNA, is best analyzed upon return of samples to the laboratory. Frozen storage is helpful for RNA preservation.

Sample integrity is optimized when FTA Cards are stored in a Multi-Barrier Pouch with a Desiccant Packet.

FTA Cards offer a compact room-temperature storage system that reduces the need for precious freezer space.

Other Notes

Global SIAL customers (excluding Japan) can now order any product from the GE Healthcare Life Sciences consumables portfolio (prepack only) using GE′s product numbering system.

The legacy GE Whatman products that use the SIAL "Z" product numbering system will be discontinued and directly replaced with a product number using a "WHA" prefix plus the GE product code. For reference, the legacy "Z" product number is identified as a synonym on the "WHA" product number listing.

This product has been replaced by WHAWB120065-SIGMA | Whatman FTA card technology, PlantSaver FTA card in a classic card format with 4 sample areas per card, pkg of 100 ea

Legal Information

FTA is a registered trademark of GE Healthcare

Whatman is a registered trademark of GE Healthcare

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WHAWB120065 Whatman® FTA® card technology, PlantSaver FTA card in a classic card format with 4 sample areas per card, pkg of 100 ea

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