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Lena Biosciences GradientEZ 3D Cell Migration System




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sterility   sterile
packaging   pack of 12 discs
mfr. no.   Lena Biosciences, SC-G002-0012
parameter   80 °C max. temp.
disc O.D. × I.D.   ~16 mm × 11.5 mm
disc thickness   400 μm , dry state
color   white to off-white
pore size   90 % porosity


General description

Chemical concentration gradients influence normal physiological processes and evolution and progression of many diseases.

GradientEZ substrates enable researchers to model gradient-dependent pathological conditions in 3D including cancer, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, and to test therapeutic strategies in these models in vitro. You may use GradientEZ to apply, test and screen multiple test agents and their gradients in parallel, or sequentially with the in situ:
• 3D cell cultures
• 3D distributed population of invasive cells invading in 3D
• 3D distributed suspension of cells taxing in 3D

These substrates build on proven SeedEZ compositions permitting generation of complex and reproducible gradients of soluble factors and substrate-bound molecules. All GradientEZ substrates support co- and counter-gradients of multiple test compounds applied in chemotaxis, invasion, chemo-invasion and angiogenesis assays.

Next, GradientEZ substrates enable concurrent testing of drug combination strategies in physiologically closer 3D models in vitro. This provides extraordinary knowledge base that cannot be elucidated in separate or sequential application of mono-strategies, with the added economic benefit of time, human resources and materials invested in research.

Other Notes

Fits into Petri dishes, 6-well to 12-well plates and 6-well inserts.
This substrate is not guaranteed to fit into a 24-well plate.

Legal Information

GradientEZ is a trademark of Lena Biosciences, Inc.

SeedEZ is a trademark of Lena Biosciences, Inc.

Safety & Documentation

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