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503576 Supelco

Automatic Changeover Panel

CGA 350, for use with H2, Ar/CH4



General description

A wall-mounted automatic changeover panel allows for uninterupted gas flow. One cylinder is always feeding the system. When it becomes empty, the unit switches to the full cylinder. The empty cylinder can be replaced so it is ready when the unit switches back. When cylinders are replaced, the tubing from the cylinder to the unit can be purged, so a slug of room air does not enter the internal regulator when the unit switches back. The pressure gauges indicate which cylinder is in use and which cylinder is empty. Flexible stainless steel pigtails allow connection to cylinders without the risk of a leak caused from kinked tubing.

Note: This unit contains a 1-stage regulator, and requires that an in-line pressure regulator is installed downstream for final pressure control.

• Check valve in inlets; keeps air from entering during cylinder change-out
• Stainless steel diaphragm; appropriate for most applications
• Diaphragm packless purge valves; higher leak integrity than needle valve
• Shut-off valve at unit outlet; keeps air from entering during change-out of downstream components

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