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506133 Supelco

Supelco® Solvent Recovery System

SRS-1000, AC/DC input 220 AC



mfr. no.   SRS-1000


General description

Supelco Solvent Recovery Systems Recover and reuse clean mobile phase, dispose of only contaminated mobile phase.
• Reduce solvent purchase and disposal costs
• Save money, mobile phase preparation time, and the environment

Supelco SRS-3000 and SRS-1000 Solvent Recovery Systems can save money and time in any isocratic analysis. A microprocessor-controlled solvent switching valve monitors detector output and directs the solvent to the waste reservoir only when a peak is detected (Figure A). When the baseline falls below the threshold you select, the uncontaminated solvent is directed back to the mobile phase reservoir. In a typical isocratic analysis, 80-90% of the mobile phase is uncontaminated and can be recycled (Figure B). Settings for threshold, detection range, and delay time enable you to precisely control the switching valve.

In addition to the basic features mentioned above, the SRS-3000 unit offers validation output (included), an Autoclean option (see below), and storage for up to 10 method files. The validation output provides a continuous, auditable data trail of the solvent recycling valve position, for GMP, GLP, or ISO-9000 protocols. The valve position is recorded by superimposing tick marks over separate copy of the chromatographic signal.

Autoclean Valve - The SRS-3000 system also is available with valve that enables you to select a different solvent to flush the HPLC system. The Autoclean valve is especially useful if you are using a single pump with mobile phases containing buffer or other salts. The Autoclean valve installs between the mobile phase reservoir and the pump. It has two inlet lines, one for the mobile phase and one for the wash solvent. The valve can be factory installed, or you can order it separately and install it yourself.

Economy-Priced Unit
- The economically priced SRS-1000 includes the same solvent-saving features as the SRS-3000 unit. A simpler display and no advanced features (no validation output, Autoclean option, or method storage memory) allow us to keep the price substantially lower.

Both Systems are Ready to Use
- Both systems include a control unit with switching valve, a power cord, a 2-lead signal cable (+/-), PTFE tubing and fittings, and an instruction manual.

In addition to these components, the SRS-3000 system with the Autoclean valve has the wash valve, additional tubing and fittings, a wash start cable, and a pump remote stop cable.

The SRS-3000 and SRS-1000 units meet all CE requirements.
The SRS-1000 units also meet UL and CSA requirements.

Legal Information

Supelco is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

Safety Information for this product is unavailable at this time.


Certificate of Analysis

Protocols & Articles


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