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radiello ready-to-use Diffusive Sampler

for sampling BTEX and VOCs (Thermal Desorption), pk of 5

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Quality Level   100
description   Includes RAD1202 Yellow Diffusive Body and RAD145 Cartridge Adsorbent
packaging   pk of 5
Featured Industry   Environmental
Industrial Hygiene
compatibility   for sampling BTEX and VOCs (Thermal Desorption)


General description

The Radiello ready-to-use (rtu) Diffusive Samplers come pre-assembled with the cartridge adsorbent pre-sealed within the diffusive body using a polycarbonate screw-thread cap. To avoid premature sampling, the entire unit (diffusive body plus pre-sealed cartridge adsorbent) is enclosed within an airtight polypropylene (PP) container. Just before use, the unit is removed from the PP container, and snapped into the rtu vertical adapter pre-fixed to the triangular support plate. Once sampling is complete, the diffusive sampling unit is removed from the support plate and resealed into the PP container.

Each rtu sampler includes: a sampler unit (sealed diffusive body with cartridge adsorbent), glass or plastic tube to house the cartridge adsorbent after sampling prior to desorption, rtu vertical adapter, barcode label, and PP container. Triangular support plates must be ordered separately.

Note that the rtu diffusive samplers are ideal for work place sampling campaigns, but not for sampling low concentrations in outdoor or domestic environments. Shelf life for the rtu samplers are 3 months.

Legal Information

radiello is a trademark of Institi Clinici Scientifici Maugeri

Safety & Documentation

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Protocols & Articles


How Does the Diffusive Sampler Work and Why is it so Special?

The diffusive sampler is a closed box, usually cylindrical. Of its two opposite sides, one is “transparent” to gaseous molecules which cross it, and are adsorbed onto the second side. The former side...
Keywords: Adsorption, Diffusion, Diffusive sampling, Environmental, Flame ionization detector, Mass spectrometry, PAGE, Sample preparations

How to use the radiello® Diffusive Air Sampler

From our library of Articles, Sigma-Aldrich presents How to use the radiello® Diffusive Air Sampler

What is radiello® diffusive sampling?

In the mid 1990's, Dr. Vincenzo Cocheo, director of the Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri, Padova, Italy, in collaboration with the European Commission's Joint Research Center and other institutions, deve...
Keywords: Diffusion, Gas chromatography, Mass spectrometry, Sample preparations

radiello® Air Sampler Components

The essential parts of radiello are the adsorbing cartridge, the diffusive body, the supporting plate and the adhesive label with the bar code indication. Apart from the adsorbing cartridge, if not d...
Keywords: Sample preparations

radiello® Diffusive Air Sampler Calibration Solutions & Kits

RAD171 relieves you from the task of preparing the sodium sulfide standard solution for the calibration curve used for the determination of H2S by the cartridge RAD170. Since sodium sulfide is deliqu...
Keywords: High performance liquid chromatography, PAGE, Purification, Titrations

radiello® Diffusive Air Sampler Maintenance

When exposed outdoors or in a workplace environment, the diffusive body may get dirty from airborne dust. Fine particles (PM10) are especially harmful to yellow diffusive bodies since they can obstru...
Keywords: Detergents, Solvents

radiello® Diffusive Air Sampling Application - VOCs Thermally Desorbed

Yellow diffusive body Product No. RAD1202 Supporting plate Product No. RAD121 Vertical adapter Product No. RAD122 (optional) Adsorbing cartridge Product No. RAD145
Keywords: Adsorption, Air sampling, Chromatography, Degradations, Diffusive sampling, Flame ionization detector, Gas chromatography, Gas chromatography mass spectrometry, Gene expression, Mass selective detector, Mass spectrometry, Phase transitions, Sample preparations, Size-exclusion chromatography, Solvents

radiello® Passive Air Sampler Overview and Applications

From our library of Articles, Sigma-Aldrich presents radiello® Passive Air Sampler Overview and Applications
Keywords: Diffusive sampling, Sample preparations

radiello® Ready-to-Use

The ready-to-use version may be advantageous when you prefer not to assemble all of the components on field. It can be purchased as it is or in separate parts to be assembled by the customer. In the ...
Keywords: Sample preparations

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