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    30 matches found for Corning® centrifuge tubes

    Corning Centrifuge Tubes - Corning Tubes

    Browse Sigma-Aldrich's Corning Centrifuge Tubes to find products in Corning Glass Centrifuge Tubes, Corning Plastic Centrifuge Tubes

    Corning Plastic Centrifuge Tubes - Corning Centrifuge Tubes

    Browse Sigma-Aldrich's Corning Plastic Centrifuge Tubes to find products in Corning Centrifuge Tube Accessories, Corning Centrifuge Tubes

    Corning Glass Centrifuge Tubes - Corning Centrifuge Tubes

    Browse Sigma-Aldrich's Corning Glass Centrifuge Tubes to find products in Pyrex Glass Centrifuge Tubes

    Corning® Centrifuge Tube Accessories - Corning Plastic Centrifuge Tubes

    Sigma-Aldrich Online Catalog Product List: Corning Centrifuge Tube Accessories


    Corning® Centrifuge Tubes - Corning Plastic Centrifuge Tubes

    Sigma-Aldrich Online Catalog Product List: Corning Centrifuge Tubes

    Pyrex® Glass Centrifuge Tubes - Corning Glass Centrifuge Tubes

    Sigma-Aldrich Online Catalog Product List: Pyrex Glass Centrifuge Tubes

    Corning® Costar® Spin-X® Centrifuge Tube Filters - Centrifuge Filtration

    Sigma-Aldrich Online Catalog Product List: Corning Costar Spin-X Centrifuge Tube Filters


    Corning® Costar® Spin-X® Plastic Centrifuge Tube Filters - Corning Plastic Filters

    These Corning Costar Spin-X polypropylene centrifuge tube filters are available with cellulose acetate (CA) or nylon (NY) membranes and 0.22m or 0.45m membrane pore sizes. The filter unit capacity is 500L.Cellulose acetate (CA) membranes provide fast flow rates and low protein bindingNylon (NY) memb...

    Corning Tubes - Corning®

    Browse Sigma-Aldrich's Corning Tubes to find products in Corning Centrifuge Tubes, Corning Culture Tubes, Corning Hybridization Tubes, Corning Melting Point Tubes, Corning NMR Tubes, Corning PCR Tubes, Corning Speciality Tubes, Corning Storage Tubes, Corning Test-Tubes

    Cell Culture

    As people, we hope for longer, healthier and more productive lives. As scientists, we work every day to make that hope a reality. For cell culture, that means creating a consistent environment to ensure validity of results. Our comprehensive portfolio of high quality products includes everything fro...


    Centrifuge Tubes, Glass - Centrifugation Supplies

    Glass centrifuge tubes are offered from vendors such as Corning (Pyrex) and Kimble (Kimax).


    Centrifuge Tubes, Plastic - Centrifugation Supplies

    Plastic centrifuge tubes are offered from vendors such as Corning, Nalgene, Plastibrand and TPP.


    Corning® Tube-Top Vacuum Filter Systems - Corning® Vacuum Filter Systems

    Corning Tube Top Filter Systems are designed for the filtration of cell culture media, biological fluids, and other aqueous solutions. The systems consist of a 150 mL polystyrene filter funnel with 50 mm diameter 0.22 m or 0.45 m cellulose acetate membrane, a 50 mL polypropylene receiver centrifuge ...

    Corning Plastic Filters - Plastic Corning Filters

    Browse Sigma-Aldrich's Corning Plastic Filters to find products in Corning Bottle-Top Vacuum Filters, Corning Costar Spin-X Plastic Centrifuge Tube Filters, Corning Fiberglass Prefilters, Corning Syringe Filters, Corning Vacuum Filter Systems

    PYREX Glassware Products D-F

    Glassware A-C | Glassware D-F | Glassware G-Z • Premium quality PYREX® brand glassware • Expanded product offering • Modified catalog numbers • Convenient cross-reference list • Shopping cart feature for internet ordering Glassware Kits Jars Pipettes Stoppers Tubes - Centrifuge Tubes - Culture Tubes...

    Corning Plasticware Liquid Handling Product Line

    Cell Culture | Microplate Selection • Premium quality Corning® and Costar® brands • Expanded product offering • Modified catalog numbers • Convenient cross-reference list • Shopping cart feature for internet ordering Pipets Pipetting Aids Pipettors Pipet Tips Reagent Reservoirs Transtar-96® Well Liq...

    Corning Cell Culture Consumables

    Liquid Handling | Microplate Selection | All Cell Culture Workflow Solutions from MilliporeSigma MilliporeSigma is proud to offer Corning products as a part of our comprehensive offering for all your cell culture needs. Corning cell culture products offer some of the most advanced surface treatments...

    Reagents for Functional Genomics Screening

    We provide the full spectrum of products needed to perform your screen. From cell lines to oligos, and everywhere in between, we have you covered. Search the product list below. Product No. Description D6171 Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle’s Medium - high glucose D8537 Dulbecco’s Phosphate Buffered Saline...

    Cancer Stem Cell Tumorsphere Formation Protocol

    • Introduction • Tumorsphere Formation Assay • Typical Results • Tips and Tricks • Materials Solid tumors grow in a three-dimensional (3D) spatial conformation, resulting in a heterogeneous exposure to oxygen and nutrients as well as to other physical and chemical stresses. To mimic the 3D spatial c...

    Procedure for Isolating Total RNA using illustra™ RNAspin 96 RNA Isolation Kit

    RNA isolation using RNAspin 96 Kit can be performed at room temperature. However, the eluate should be treated with care because RNA is very sensitive to trace contamination of RNases, often found on general labware, fingers, and dust. To preserve stability, keep the isolated total RNA frozen at –20...

    Microscale Glassware Kits - Sigma-Aldrich® Glassware Catalog

    Metals/Metal Hydrides Test Kit • Aldrich All-In-One • Corning Organic Chemistry • Microscale Kits On this page: ACE microscale glassware kits • KONTES Williamson microscale glassware kits ACE microscale glassware kits Designed to give students experience with a wide range of organic reactions with i...

    Claycomb Medium w/o L-Glutamine Product Information Sheet

    Claycomb Medium, named after Dr. William Claycomb who established the HL-1 cell line, is specifically designed for the growth of murine cardiomyocytes. HL-1 cells are the first cell line established that can maintain the differentiated cardiomyocyte­phenotype and contractile activity in vitro. The H...

    HL-1 Cells

    Product Name Vendor Catalog No. HL-1 Cardiac Muscle Cell Line Sigma-Aldrich SCC065 Claycomb Medium Sigma-Aldrich 51800C Fetal Bovine Serum Sigma-Aldrich TMS-016 Penicillion-Streptomycin (104 U/ml P and 104 µg/ml S) Sigma-Aldrich P4333 Norepinephrine [(±)-Arterenol] Sigma-Aldrich A0937 L-Ascorbic Aci...

    Metagenomics and Quantitative PCR

    • • Download PDF • The highly variable regions within the 16S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) gene sequences are being exploited with PCR and metagenomic sequencing to characterize the microbial strains within the gastrointestinal environment. The 16S rRNA sequence is a useful marker: ubiquitous within the mic...

    Flow Cytometry Protocol

    By focusing on analysis techniques and protocols specific for Cancer Research, Sigma-Aldrich is putting your research needs first. We will be featuring different cancer research tools throughout the year, providing you with the latest techniques and products. Flow Cytometry in Cancer Research Flow c...

    CHOZN® Platform Technical Bulletin

    • • Download PDF • Product Description/Overview Precautions and Disclaimer Storage and Stability Background Part I: Medium Preparation Part II: Stock culture initiation/thawing and subculturing Part III: Stock culture maintenance Part IV: Cell banking Part V: Transfection Part VI: Stable pool select...

    Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Culture Protocols

    Related Products • EBiSC iPS Cell Lines • Pluripotent Stem Cell Culture • Stem Cell Culture • Stem Cell Protocols • MEF Feeder Cells • 3D Cell Culture • Primary Cell Culture • ECACC Cancer Cell Lines • Cell Culture Media and Reagents • Stericup® Media Filtration • Growth Factors • ECM Proteins • Ant...

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • General • Analytical • Chemistry • Life Science • Labware • Ordering • Shipping / Delivery • Documentation • Regulatory • Storage • Packaging / Labeling • Solubility / Stability Why are products discontinued and how can I find alternatives? Products are discontinued for a variety of reasons. It ma...

    Chromatin Isolation by RNA Purification (ChIRP) Protocol

    1. Probe Design 1.1 Design anti-sense oligo probes tiling the ncRNA of interest using the free online Biosearch Technologies' Stellaris FISH Probe Designer 1.2 Probe design parameters: Tile the entire ncRNA from 5’ to 3’; one 20-mer probe every 100 bp of RNA; spacing between probes = 80; target GC% ...

    Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation Methodology

    Spectrophotometric measurement Spectrophotometry can be used to estimate DNA or RNA concentration and to analyze the purity of the preparation. Typical wavelengths for measurement are 260 nm and 280 nm. In addition, measurements at 230 nm and 340 nm can provide further information (see later for mor...