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EMSURE® Premium grade products

The EMSURE® quality grade designates our premium classical Inorganics and Solvents, which are optimized for regulated analyses and highly demanding lab applications. These products offer the highest quality and an unmatched scope of specifications to give you complete control of test conditions and ...

EMSURE®, EMPARTA®, EMPLURA® - Specifications and Purity

Our reagents and chemicals are renowned for their outstanding quality. Every step in our supply chain is subject to the most stringent controls and fully documented to give you complete confidence in your analysis. Outstanding Purity Decades of experience with highly pure chemicals, combined with st...

EMSURE® Quality Documentation

With EMSURE® Quality Documentation, you’ll always be ready for demanding lab applications and audits. No need to search for individual documents on various online sources. No need to request one certificate after another and wait for replies. Just one click and you have everything you need in one fi...


We offer a comprehensive portfolio of inorganic salts in two quality grades: EMSURE® and EMPLURA®. Our salts are manufactured under strictly controlled conditions mostly in our facilities at Darmstadt, Germany. Their outstanding analytical purity, especially for the EMSURE® grade, makes them ideal f...

Smart Up Your Lab with EMSURE®

Our EMSURE® products come with the new smart label and in unique packaging with suitable safety equipment. They offer highest quality and compliance to international norms. Thus, you will benefit from easy data access, safe and convenient use as well as reliable results, less number of analysis and ...


Application-Oriented Quality and Optimized Packaging EMSURE® acids for analysis are produced and tested according to the highest standards for purity and safety. Extensive specifications with a high number of parameters and extremely low limiting values, together with reliable batch-to-batch consist...

Metals and Metal Oxides EMSURE®, EMPLURA®

We provide an extensive range of metals and metal oxides suitable for a multitude of applications in R&D, production and quality control. Selected raw materials, state-of-the-art production technology, and stringent quality management ensure that we deliver you only premium products with consistentl...

Caustics Alkalis and Bases EMSURE®, EMPLURA®

High Purity, Defined Quality: Caustic Alkalis and Bases Our comprehensive product range of caustic alkalis and bases for analysis includes sodium and potassium hydroxide pellets and the corresponding solutions as well as ammonia solutions, each in various concentrations, quality grades, and packagin...

Salts in outstanding analytical purity – combined with better flowability

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of EMSURE® salts for inorganic analysis that comprises salts for analysis EMSURE® with ACS declaration as well as salts for analysis EMSURE® ACS, Reag. Ph Eur specified for pharmacopoeia analysis. For selected products, we have considerably improved flowability by ...

Quality Assurance to Empower your Lab

Classical Inorganic Reagents and Solvents EMSURE®, EMPARTA®, EMPLURA® For our products, we don’t just promise the highest quality. We prove it. Through stringent testing at our state-of-the-art labs. Through a sophisticated quality control process based on the integrated quality-management system IS...

Classical Lab Chemicals

For classical analysis, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of lab chemicals with quality perfected for your world. Our EMSURE®, EMPARTA®, and EMPLURA® brands give you an extensive choice of acids, salts, caustic alkalis, bases, metals, solvents, and special products for analytical use in wet chemica...

EMPLURA® Basic Grade Products

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Quality Grades for Classical Analysis

Each lab application is different and so are the chemicals and reagents you use. To simplify your search, our extensive portfolio of Inorganics and Solvents is divided into three quality grades: EMSURE®, EMPARTA® and EMPLURA® Just choose the right one which is suitable for your individual applicatio...

EMPARTA® Standard Grade Products

Classical Inorganics and Solvents for routine analytical applications With EMPARTA® products, we offer a range of high-quality, cost-efficient Inorganics and Solvents for routine analytical applications. These standard-grade products offer fewer test parameters than EMSURE® products. Still, EMPARTA®...

Reagents for Pharmacopoeia Analysis

Quality and Reliability Around the World Our analytical reagents meet the authoritative quality guidelines for pharmacopoeia analysis worldwide and are not only specified in accordance with the American ACS standard but also Reag. Ph. Eur. We offer you products in compliance with the latest editions...

High Performance Analytical Products: Same Product, New Label

Our analytical inorganics and solvents are now residing within the Supelco® portfolio. But don’t worry, the product specifications, trademark and packaging will all remain the same, the only difference is the label, because our high standards match yours. Our Supelco® portfolio will help you to find...

Solvents for Classical Analysis, Production and Purification

Just the Right Solvent for Your Application For each of your applications, you want to use solvents that perfectly fit your needs. That’s why we strive to tailor our comprehensive range of solvents to customer requirements. With solvents from us, you are on the safe side. EMPARTA® is a high quality ...

Acids in Safebreak Bottles

Glass bottles are ideal for storing acids because they are inert and offer a long shelf life. The only disadvantage of glass is that it can break and cause serious injury, acid spills, contamination or consequential damage. Fortunately, you can avoid all this by using acids in Safebreak bottles. Saf...

Compliance and Documentation

Our inorganic reagents and solvents are produced and tested according to multiple international guidelines. This means they can be used worldwide for almost all applications. It also allows our global customers to work with the same standard operating procedures (SOPs) and to export to countries wit...

Solvents for Preparative Chromatography Prepsolv®

Solvents Optimized for Preparative Chromatography Solvents used in preparative chromatography applications not only have to support optimal purity and speed of separation. They also need to minimize wear on your valuable equipment, and they must be usable efficiently and securely in larger quantitie...

Barrels / Drums / Canisters

Our extensive variety of packaging types and sizes is unrivaled in the industry. With volumes from 0.05 l to 20,000 l, and materials from glass and HDPE to metal and stainless steel, we can easily cater to your individual requirements. Returnable stainless steel barrels for Prepsolv® and SeccoSolv® ...

Solvent Center - Let us help you find just the right solvent for your specific need.

We are committed to providing our customers with the right solvent for their specific application. The Solvent Center was created to aid all visitors in their exploration of the right solvent by providing a concise summary of solvents by purity, grade, application, product lines or market. Packaging...

Solvents for DNA and peptide synthesis

High-Purity Solvents with Lowest Water Content DNA and peptide synthesis demand high-purity solvents with the lowest possible water content. We provide a growing range of specialized solvents and reagents for DNA and peptide synthesis – both on a custom basis as well as for the broad market. In addi...

Tap into Safety

Most acids and bases used in lab applications and chemical production are highly corrosive, and pose severe health hazards. Using larger containers for higher volumes also increases the chance of accidents. Eliminate these risks with our new manual dispensing systems for acids and bases. Request Lit...

Packaging and Safe Handling

For us, developing advanced packaging concepts is a fundamental aspect of safety, sustainability and reliability. We have developed an exceptional range of packaging options that ensure safe transport, storage and handling while minimizing environmental impact. Our innovative packaging and withdrawa...

EPA LEAF methods for leaching assessment

The Leaching Environmental Assessment Framework (LEAF) is an evaluation system consisting of EPA methods, data management tools, and scenario assessments designed to identify and accurately describe the release of inorganic, semi-volatile organic, and non-volatile organic constituents of potential c...

Identification, Assay and Organic Impurity Profiling Methods for Aripiprazole following the United States Pharmacopeia Monograph

Download the Technical Compendium for Aripiprazole (PDF) Aripiprazole is an atypical antipsychotic and a partial dopamine agonist. It is primarily used in the treatment of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, tic disorders, and irritability associated with autism. Aripiprazole...

Culture Media and Tests for Beverage Testing

Spoilage organism testing is a crucial step within the beverage industry to enable the safe release of drinks to the market. Requirements can vary from industry to industry, depending on different spoilage parameters — we can offer a full range of culture media and tests for microbiological quality ...