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S-Chirogenic Auxiliaries

Aldrich ChemFiles 2005, 5.4, 8. 2-Methyl-2-propanesulfinamide (Ellman Sulfinamide) Developed by Ellman, these chiral sulfinamides have found widespread use in diastereoselective alkylations, the synthesis of protected chiral amines, the Strecker synthesis of α-alkyl α-amino acids, and the preparatio...

Keiji Marouka Group – Professor Product Portal

Professor Product Portal Index Professor Keiji Marouka Professor Keiji Maruoka and co-workers have developed a series of designer chiral phase-transfer catalysts that are useful for various asymmetric transformations including asymmetric alkylation, aldol reaction, Mannich reaction, conjugate additi...

Jacobsen Thioureas

Jacobsen’s group has developed a range of chiral thioureas that are versatile and effective organocatalysts. A range of latent nucleophiles can be added to mostly imine-type electrophiles in excellent enantiomeric excesses and, in general, with a broad substrate scope. The thiourea organocatalyst de...

Jacobsen Thioureas in Chemical Synthesis

New Versatile Organocatalysts In 2002, Jacobsen’s group first reported the application of thiourea organocatalyst 1 (693421) in the asymmetric Strecker reaction. Since that initial report, Jacobsen's group have developed a range of chiral thioureas that are versatile, effective organocatalysts. A ra...

Strecker reaction

• • Download PDF • The one-pot synthesis of a-amino nitriles by reaction of an aldehyde, ammonia, and hydrogen cyanide is commonly known as the Strecker reaction.1 Recent modifications to the traditional Strecker reaction have seen the replacement of the cyanide source from toxic hydrogen cyanide to...