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BioFiles Volume 6 Number 3 - Superior Fluorescent Products (4 MB )

Biofiles Superior Fluorescent Products Volume 6, Number 3 Atto Dyes Fluorescent Dyes used in Microarray Experiments Protein Labeling Atto Dye-Antibody Conjugates for Multiplex Detection Polyhistidine Tagged Protein Detection Atto Dye-Lectin Conjugates Sensor Dyes Biofilescontents Introduction 3 Atto...

Solutions for Detection (3 MB)

Solutions for Detection Biofiles | Your Biology Resource INTRODUCING FULL-TEXT, PEER-REVIEWED PAPERS Access your papers on, powered by Pubget. Features include: • Read open-access papers and journal subscriptions on • Verify the effectiveness of Sigma-Aldrich prod...

(7 MB)

Sigma-Aldrich®化学试剂 75 折优惠活动助开工一臂之力 优惠活动时间:2020 年 3 月 1 日至 6 月 30 日 生机勃勃的春天已经不远,小伙伴们也陆续回到工作岗位了吧? 为提高用户体验,默克特针对旗下 Sigma-Aldrich®品牌三千多种化学试剂推出优惠活动,本次促销产品在中国全部现货以满足广大科研人员高速运转的 实验需求。 此次促销产品包括 ⚫ 基础化学试剂 ⚫ 基础生化试剂 ⚫ 有机合成试剂 ⚫ 材料科学试剂 产品列表(Ctrl+鼠标左键点击分类可直达该分类目录) 有机合成 基础生化试剂 基础化学试剂 材料科学 合成砌块 催化剂 化学生物学 基础试剂 合成试剂 基...

BioFiles v5 n2 Protein Characterization and Detection (4 MB)

High quality protein crystals, like these crystals of the enzyme lysozome, are critical for successful X-ray structural and functional protein analysis. Sigma’s crystallization kits for protein analysis help to simplify and optimize crystallization parameters. Volume 5, Number 2 BioFi l e s Life Sci...

(4 MB)

Green fluorescent protein (GFP) in a Pacific jellyfish, Aequorea victoria Volume 4, Number 1 BioFi l e s Life Science Innovative Solutions for Fluorescent and Chemiluminescent Applications DNA Detection New NIR Fluorescence Dyes Carbohydrate Detection Protein Detection Isoelectric Focusing Detection...