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Activated charcoal

19 Products
Synonym:   Charcoal activated
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Product #
242276 Activated charcoal, DARCO®, −100 mesh particle size, powder, Green Alternative
05105 Activated charcoal, powder,
C9157 Activated charcoal, suitable for cell culture, suitable for plant cell culture,
161551 Activated charcoal, powder, -100 particle size (mesh), decolorizing, Green Alternative
31616 Activated charcoal, puriss. p.a., powder, Green Alternative
242268 Activated charcoal, DARCO®, 20-40 mesh particle size, granular, Green Alternative
C2764 Activated charcoal, untreated, granular, ≤5 mm, Green Alternative
242233 Activated charcoal, DARCO®, 4-12 mesh particle size, granular, Green Alternative
C4386 Activated charcoal, acid-washed with hydrochloric acid, Green Alternative
675326 Activated charcoal, DARCO® KB-G, Green Alternative
242241 Activated charcoal, DARCO®, 12-20 mesh, granular, Green Alternative
C2889 Activated charcoal, untreated, granular, 8-20 mesh, Green Alternative
C3014 Activated charcoal, untreated, granular, 20-60 mesh, Green Alternative
05112 Activated charcoal, for GC,
329428 Activated charcoal, NORIT® ROW 0.8 SUPRA, pellets, Green Alternative
292591 Activated charcoal, 4-14 mesh, granular, Norit® PK 3-5, Green Alternative
C5510 Activated charcoal, acid-washed with phosphoric and sulfuric acids, Green Alternative
80485 Activated charcoal, for the determination of AOX, 50-150 μm particle size,
C7606 Activated Charcoal, meets USP testing specifications,