Chemical Synthesis

Building Block Explorer FAQ

Thank you for using Sigma-Aldrich as your source of research materials for chemical synthesis.

The new Building Block Explorer allows you to select and purchase both Sigma-Aldrich brand products as well as hundreds of thousands of Aldrich Partner Products.

Aldrich Partner Products are reliable, high-quality chemistry products that are not available through the standard Sigma-Aldrich Catalog. Sigma-Aldrich has formed partnerships with a number of reliable chemistry suppliers in order to provide our customers a more comprehensive offering for chemical synthesis.

This page covers some frequently asked questions regarding the purchase Aldrich Partner products.


Can I order Aldrich Partner Products through my normal purchase system?
Yes. Aldrich Partner Products may be selected and placed in your Shopping Cart for purchase just like any regular Sigma-Aldrich brand product.  

Once you order your Shopping Cart, Sigma-Aldrich will automatically place an order with our Aldrich Partner for your desired product.

 Shipment, Delivery, & Reconciliation

Will my products be delivered directly from the Aldrich Partner?
Yes. In most cases, your products will arrive directly from the Aldrich Partner.

Our goal is to see that you receive your product order as quickly as possible.  However, we also want to ensure your products are always shipped in a safe and compliant manner.  Whenever your regional regulatory and compliance laws allow, your products will be shipped directly from the Aldrich Partner to your facility.

If the products arrive from the Aldrich Partner, how will I match the delivered product to my order?
Each Aldrich Partner shipment will include your purchase order number on the package and in the shipment documents.  This will allow you to match these products to your original order based upon the supplier’s part number.  (Just like regular Sigma-Aldrich Catalog products)

What is the Delivery Time for Aldrich Partner Products?
Shipment times will vary based upon the Aldrich Partner Product you select.  You will see the Shipment Time for each product included in the Building Block Explorer and your Shopping Cart.

What shipping company will deliver my Aldrich Partner Products?
Sigma-Aldrich will choose the carrier to be used for your shipment.  All transport fees are handled as prepaid and added to your order.

What are the shipment costs?
The shipment cost will vary based upon the Aldrich Partner Product you select for purchase.  The shipment fee estimate (Excluding any International Duties) will be listed in your Shopping Cart.

Standard shipment service level is 2nd Day delivery.

 Invoice & Payment

Who will bill me for these Aldrich Partner Products?
All invoices and payments for Aldrich Partner Products are managed by Sigma-Aldrich. Shipping and handling costs are managed as prepaid and added to your order.

 Customer Support

Who do I contact if I have questions about the quality or packaging on an Aldrich Partner Product?
Please contact your local Sigma-Aldrich Customer Support office (or if you have any questions or issues related to any Sigma-Aldrich or Aldrich Partner product. Your local customer support team will know how to direct your request for support so we can respond as quickly as possible.

While Sigma-Aldrich is not responsible for the quality or packaging of Aldrich Partner Products, we have carefully chosen the suppliers we invite into the Aldrich Partner program based on product quality and business reliability. We will work with our partner on your behalf to resolve your support issue as quickly as possible.