New Products for Chemical Synthesis

Mass Spectrometry-Cleavable Crosslinkers
A suite of new sulfoxide-containing crosslinkers (909602,909610,909599,909688) are ideal tools for analysis of protein-protein interactions (PPIs). Each homobifunctional linker contains an amino acid-targeting reactive group, a spacer region, and two symmetrical C-S cleavable bonds that yield tagged peptides for unambiguous identification via collision-induced dissociation using tandem MS. Such linkers will find wide utility in the elucidation of PPIs, protein complex architecture, and structural dynamics.

FastWoRX Separation Technology
FastWoRX products are hydrophobic powders that absorb most organic compounds. With them, liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) for reaction workups can be replaced by a simple filtration or magnetic separation. Products are available for filtration (FASTWORX-S) or magnetic separation (FASTWORX-M).

Air-stable Ni Catalysis

Ni(COD)(DQ) (912794) is an air- and thermally stable Ni(0) precatalyst developed by the Engle lab at The Scripps Research Institute. This 18-electron complex has a unique stability profile allowing for easy reaction setup outside an inert atmosphere. Transformations such as the Suzuki-Miyaura coupling, borylation of aryl halides, and alkene hydroarylation have been demonstrated.