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ACS Award Winners

ACS Award for Creative Work in Synthetic Organic Chemistry
ACS Award in Inorganic Chemistry

ACS Award for Creative Work in Synthetic Organic Chemistry
(Sponsored by the Aldrich Chemical Company, LLC)

Scott J. Miller
Yale University

Professor Scott Miller’s research group at Yale is attempting to tackle a variety of asymmetric chemical synthesis problems, whether it be oxidation, halogenation, or transfer hydrogenations. Along with designing and synthesizing pharmaceutically-active molecules to study molecular motions inside peptides, his research group is also researching the mediation of dynamic kinetic resolution in the selective binding of targeted biological receptors. By incorporating modern computational design and crafting stabilized transition-state molecules, they are analyzing the bond rotations of peptide environments, a task previously deemed problematic due to planar conformation and packing forces of proteins. These astounding observations of catalyst-substrate complexes via X-Ray crystallography are allowing scientists to further understand higher-energy active sites and explain enzymatic rate acceleration paradigms.



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1983 K. Barry Sharpless
1982 David A. Evans
1981 Barry M. Trost
1980 Yoshito Kishi
1979 George A. Olah
1978 Satoru Masamune
1977 No Award
1976 Franz Sondheimer



ACS Award in Inorganic Chemistry
(Sponsored by the Aldrich Chemical Company, LLC)

Mercouri Kanatzidis
Northwestern University

Mercouri Kanatzidis has been awarded the ACS Award in Inorganic Chemistry for his innovations in thermoelectric material synthesis and photochemistry detection systems. By measuring thermal and quantum fluctuations during superconductor phase transfers, his research group at Northwestern is characterizing the formation of energy gaps in charge-density waves. By systematically exploring the disorder of a material’s electronic and crystal structure, more information about phase transitions and valence electrons in intermetallic compounds is now readily available. This team of scientists led by Mercouri Kanatzidis is combining scanning tunneling microscopy and X-ray diffraction techniques to understand energy dispersion and anisotropic thermal expansion.



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