Acta Vol 33 No 1

Acta Vol 33 No 1 cover

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Table of Contents
  • Front Cover
  • New Products
  • Correspondence and General Information
  • About Our Cover
  • Please Bother Us
  • Lab Notes
    • Aldrich Rotary Evaporator Antisplash Adapters as Solvent Traps in Recrystallizations
  • Aldrich Splash-Guard Adapters
  • Review:The Chemical Vapor Deposition of Metal Nitride Films Using Modern Metalorganic Precursors
  • Products for the Deposition of Metal Nitride Films
  • Aldrich's Latest Masterpiece
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Review:Synthetic Applications of Indium Trichloride Catalyzed Reactions
  • Insert:Sigma-Aldrich Laboratory Equipment Summer 2000
  • New! Merck Index on CD-ROM
  • Aldrich Splash Protectors
  • Lewis Acids in Organic Synthesis
  • Fluka Chemika Peptide and Peptidomimetic Synthesis; Reagents for Drug Discovery
  • Sigma-Aldrich Web Site Teamed with Oxford Molecular Software Revolutionizes On-line Structure Search and Procurement
  • Aldrich & Carbolex, Inc.
  • Purpald®: A Reagent That Turns Aldehydes Purple!
  • Aldrich Concentrator Condenser
  • Aldrich Vacuum Manifolds with Teflon® Valves
  • Aldrich Dean-Stark Traps
  • Aminotriazoles
  • Arylboronic acid-Pinacol Esters
  • Flavors&Fragrances: Your Source for Aroma Raw Materials
  • Dependable in Discovery...Dedicated Through Commercialization.
  • From the Aldrich Bookshelf
  • Scientific Glassware–Tested and Used in Aldrich Production Labs
  • Sigma-Aldrich Worldwide Locations
  • Back Cover
    • High-Hazard Chemicals Handled Safely and Conveniently: MiniBulkTM
    • Address Information