Palladium Scavengers

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Palladium Scavengers

Scavenger resins have been commercially available for several years. Most of these scavengers have been used to sequester organic functionalities from solution in order to ease the purification process upon completion of the synthesis. Now, Aldrich is introducing a new class of quenching reagents: palladium scavengers on silica gel.

5379261 53,792-6
3-(Diethylenetriamino)propyl-functionalized silica gel
5g; 25g; 100g
5380861 53,808-6
3-Mercaptopropyl-functionalized silica gel
5g; 25g; 100g

PalladiumGraphConditions: In separate flasks, two solutions of Pd(OAc)2 (1000 ppm Pd) were prepared in THF. While stirring at room temperature, four equivalents of each of the silica-based scavengers were added to their respective flasks. As illustrated in the graph, the palladium was successfully scavenged from the solution within minutes. Simple filtration of the bound palladium allows for its recovery.

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