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Smart Blocs™

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Essential Tools for Today's Synthetic Chemist

The synthesis of a Combinatorial Library typically is based upon a proprietary core coupled to a series of diversity elements. The most difficult decision the combinatorial or medicinal chemist faces, is how to attach the desired diversity elements to the proprietary core. One answer to this synthetic dilemma is to identify a set of orthogonally reactive building blocks that can link the core to the diversity elements. The SmartBlocs™ are a compilation of orthogonally reactive building blocks that can serve this critical link in designing a library. The SmartBlocs™ were chosen because of their ability to undergo two distinctly different and potentially non-conflicting types of reactions. The Smartblocs™, having been designed to contain 2 points of reactivity, could also serve as the common synthetic core for library synthesis.

Hand selected by medicinal chemists, these building blocks have been arranged by functional group for your convenience and ease of review. If you do not see a compound that you need for your research, please call us at 1-800-231-8327 or e-mail the product specialist at Your new product suggestions, as always, are welcome and appreciated.