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Products for NMR

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The highest NMR solvent quality is essential for acquiring NMR spectra. Our on-site synthesis, purification, and isotopic enrichment facilities along with an expert Quality Control staff and Quality Assurance department provide you with the highest quality product possible. Our extensive number of NMR solvents have extremely low residual water, excellent chemical purity, and the highest isotopic enrichment available. All NMR solvents go through rigorous quality control testing throughout the production and packaging process to ensure product specifications are maintained. Every product is analyzed for NMR performance on our High Field NMR system to assure superior quality.


We offer many products for use in biomolecular NMR applications such as growth media, labeled nucleotides and labeled amino acids. We continue to focus our resources on further research and development, including refining our processes for the synthesis of new and complex isotopically labeled compounds. We have also added a number of high-purity solvents that offer the highest isotopic enrichment in the industry. We always welcome your request for custom products. For custom requests, please contact Isotec at 800-448-9760(USA) or your local Sigma-Aldrich office if you are in France, Spain, or Portugal. For other international customers, please contact your nearest Isotec agent.


We offer you a wide variety of standard unit sizes and packaging choices. If there is a particular unit size we do not offer or you would rather have the product packaged in something different, please give us a call with your request. We will provide custom packaging on request whenever possible. Ask our expert Technical Service staff about the choice that best suits your needs. We take pride in the ability to provide you with excellent service. Our state-of-the-art ordering and distribution systems allow us to ship most products the same day they are ordered. It is not just our distribution that wins customers over, but is also our friendly and courteous Customer Service team. Have a technical question? You can feel comfortable knowing our knowledgeable and well-trained technical services specialists can answer your toughest questions.

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