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Vol . 2, No. 4
Unnatural Amino Acids II

The latest Update on New Tools for Drug Discovery
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Introduction / Cyclic Amino Acids / Diamino Acids / ß-Amino Acids and Homo Amino Acids
Alanine Derivatives / Phenylalanine Boronic Acids / Proline and Pyroglutamine Derivatives
Other Amino Acid Building Blocks / Coupling Reagents / Preloaded Resins
Other Amino Acid Building Blocks

Cat. No. Product Information Unit Sizes
09659 (1)-Boc-2-phosphonoglycine trimethyl ester
>98.0% C10H20NO7P Mr 297.24 [89524-98-1] structure 1g; 5g
17856 N-Fmoc-iminodiacetic acid
>99.0% C19H17NO6 Mr 355.35 [112918-82-8] structure 1g; 5g
09256 (1)-2-Aminoheptanedioic acid (1)-2-Aminopimelic acid
>97.0% C7H13NO4 Mr 175.19 [627-76-9] structure 1g; 5g
95003 {2-[2-(Fmoc-amino)ethoxy]ethoxy}acetic acid 8-(Fmoc-amino)-3,6-dioxaoctanoic acid
~97% C21H23NO6 Mr 385.41 [166108-71-0] structure 500mg