Vol 2 No 6

Vol. 2, No. 6
Functionalized SILICA GELS for Organic Synthesis

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Introduction / Quality Control / Organic Synthesis / Scavengers
Supported Reagents / Linker Resins / References


Sigma-Aldrich and SiliCycle Inc. have partnered to offer you a wide-range of functionalized silica gels for organic synthesis. SiliCycle Inc. manufacture these novel products to combine with the 700+ resins that Sigma-Aldrich now offers to help your synthetic needs.

These novel silica gel products offer numerous advantages over the well-known gel-type resins.

Advantages of the Inert Support

  • Solvent independent
    • Rigid porous structure
      • No swelling
      • Fast kinetics
      • Can be used in large-scale purification (discovery to process)
    • No low molecular weight residues
      • High purity
  • No non-specific binding
    • High Yield
  • High density of functional groups
    • Small volume of silica gel required

This ChemFile details the complete range of functionalized silica gels and their applications. All of these products are available in pack sizes of 5 grams to multi-kilos.