Boronic Acids

Vol. 3, No. 3
Reagents for Suzuki Coupling
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Introduction / Boronic acids / Boronic acid Esters / Diboron Esters
Potassium Trifluoroborates / OSVB, Volume 3: Suzuki Coupling

Boronic acids

Most boronic acids readily undergo dehydration reactions to give a cyclic (trimer) anhydride. Our selection of boronic acids may contain varying amounts of this cyclic anhydride. Fortunately, the acid and the anhydride work equally well in the Suzuki coupling reactions; thus, the two forms are generally regarded as equivalent.


Methylboronic acid trans-2-Bromomethylvinylboronic acid
16,533-6 CH5BO2 1g; 5g 55,656-4 C3H6BBrO2 1g; 5g
  trans-2-Chloromethylvinylboronic acid   cis-Propenylboronic acid
55,659-9 C3H6BClO2 1g; 5g 57,217-9 C3H7BO2 1g; 5g
  trans-Propenylboronic acid 5-Bromothiophene-2-boronic acid
57,663-8 C3H7BO2 1g; 5g 55,768-4 C4H4BBrO2S 5g
5-Chloro-2-thiopheneboronic acid 2-Thiopheneboronic acid
49,993-5 C4H4BClO2S 5g 43,683-6 C4H5BO2S 1g; 5g
3-Thiopheneboronic acid 2-Furanboronic acid
43,684-4 C4H5BO2S 1g; 5g 46,491-0 C4H5BO3 1g; 10g
3-Furanboronic acid 2,5-Thiophenediboronic acid
51,216-8 C4H5BO3 1g 47,031-7 C4H6B2O4S 5g
Butylboronic acid (2-Methylpropyl)boronic acid
16,324-4 C4H11BO2 1g; 5g; 25g 34,622-5 C4H11BO2 1g; 5g
2-Formyl-3-thiopheneboronic acid 3-Formyl-2-thiopheneboronic acid
49,990-0 C5H5BO3S 1g; 5g 49,991-9 C5H5BO3S 1g; 5g
5-Formyl-2-thiopheneboronic acid 4-Methyl-3-thiopheneboronic acid
51,405-5 C5H5BO3S 1g; 5g 54,239-3 C5H7BO2S 1g
5-Methyl-2-thiopheneboronic acid   (E)-5-Chloro-1-penteneboronic acid
51,219-2 C5H7BO2S 1g; 5g 56,279-3 C5H10BClO2 1g; 10g
  1-Pentenylboronic acid Pentafluorophenylboronic acid
57,845-2 C5H11BO2 1g; 5g 46,509-7 C6H2BF5O2 5g
2,3,4-Trifluorophenylboronic acid 2,3,6-Trifluorophenylboronic acid
52,408-5 C6H4BF3O2 5g 52,409-3 C6H4BF3O2 5g
2,4,6-Trifluorophenylboronic acid 3,4,5-Trifluorophenylboronic acid
52,410-7 C6H4BF3O2 1g; 5g 52,470-0 C6H4BF3O2 1g
3,5-Dibromophenylboronic acid 2-Chloro-6-fluorophenylboronic acid
49,950-1 C6H5BBr2O2 1g; 5g 56,607-1 C6H5BClFO2 1g; 5g
3-Chloro-4-fluorophenylboronic acid 2,3-Dichlorophenylboronic acid
51,223-0 C6H5BClFO2 5g 51,404-7 C6H5BCl2O2 5g; 25g
2,4-Dichlorophenylboronic acid 2,5-Dichlorophenylboronic acid
52,138-8 C6H5BCl2O2 5g 51,231-1 C6H5BCl2O2 5g
3,4-Dichlorophenylboronic acid 3,5-Dichlorophenylboronic acid
47,191-7 C6H5BCl2O2 5g; 25g 44,520-7 C6H5BCl2O2 5g; 25g
2,3-Difluorophenylboronic acid 2,4-Difluorophenylboronic acid
51,403-9 C6H5BF2O2 5g; 25g 46,507-0 C6H5BF2O2 5g; 25g
2,5-Difluorophenylboronic acid 2,6-Difluorophenylboronic acid
51,402-0 C6H5BF2O2 5g; 25g 47,079-1 C6H5BF2O2 1g; 10g
3,4-Difluorophenylboronic acid 3,5-Difluorophenylboronic acid
46,508-9 C6H5BF2O2 5g; 25g 47,192-5 C6H5BF2O2 5g; 25g
2-Bromophenylboronic acid 3-Bromophenylboronic acid
47,380-4 C6H6BBrO2 5g; 25g 44,162-7 C6H6BBrO2 1g; 5g
4-Bromophenylboronic acid 2-Chlorophenylboronic acid
B7,595-6 C6H6BBrO2 1g; 5g 44,521-5 C6H6BClO2 1g; 5g
3-Chlorophenylboronic acid 4-Chlorophenylboronic acid
41,752-1 C6H6BClO2 1g; 10g 41,754-8 C6H6BClO2 1g; 10g; 25g
2-Fluorophenylboronic acid 3-Fluorophenylboronic acid
44,522-3 C6H6BFO2 1g; 10g 44,164-3 C6H6BFO2 1g; 10g
4-Fluorophenylboronic acid 3-Iodophenylboronic acid
41,755-6 C6H6BFO2 1g; 5g; 25g 44,167-8 C6H6BIO2 5g; 25g
4-Iodophenylboronic acid 3-Nitrophenylboronic acid
47,193-3 C6H6BIO2 5g; 25g 32,510-4 C6H6BNO4 1g; 5g
Phenylboronic acid 4-Mercaptophenylboronic acid
P2,000-9 C6H7BO2 10g; 50g; 250g 52,401-8 C6H7BO2S 1g; 5g
3-Hydroxyphenylboronic acid 4-Hydroxyphenylboronic acid
52,396-8 C6H7BO3 1g; 10g 52,397-6 C6H7BO3 1g; 5g
5-Acetyl-2-thiopheneboronic acid 1,4-Phenylenebisboronic acid
49,992-7 C6H7BO3S 5g; 25g 41,713-0 C6H8B2O4 5g; 25g
3-Aminophenylboronic acid hydrochloride 3-Aminophenylboronic acid monohydrate
41,070-5 C6H9BClNO2 1g; 5g 28,751-2 C6H10BNO3 1g; 5g
3-Aminophenylboronic acid hemisulfate Cyclohexylboronic acid
A7,175-1 C6H10BNO6S 5g; 25g 55,658-0 C6H13BO2 5g; 10g
  trans-1-hexen-1-ylboronic acid   trans-2-tert-butylvinylboronic acid
52,101-9 C6H13BO2 1g 55,655-6 C6H13BO2 1g; 5g
2,3-Difluoro-4-formylphenylboronic acid 2-Fluoro-5-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl-boronic acid
57,137-7 C7H5BF2O3 1g; 5g 55,818-4 C7H5BF4O2 1g
2-(Trifluoromethyl)phenylboronic acid 3-(Trifluoromethyl)phenylboronic acid
44,519-3 C7H6BF3O2 1g; 10g 43,203-2 C7H6BF3O2 1g; 5g
4-(Trifluoromethyl)phenylboronic acid 3-(Trifluoromethoxy)phenylboronic acid
43,932-0 C7H6BF3O2 1g; 5g 51,012-2 C7H6BF3O3 5g
4-(Trifluoromethoxy)phenylboronic acid 2-Cyanophenylboronic acid
51,013-0 C7H6BF3O3 5g 52,139-6 C7H6BNO2 1g; 5g
3-Cyanophenylboronic acid 4-Cyanophenylboronic acid
51,301-6 C7H6BNO2 1g; 5g 52,141-8 C7H6BNO2 1g; 10g
2-Chloro-6-fluoro-3-methylphenyl-boronic acid 2-Chloro-6-fluoro-5-methylphenyl-boronic acid
55,725-0 C7H7BClFO2 5g 55,726-9 C7H7BClFO2 5g
2-Formylphenylboronic acid 3-Formylphenylboronic acid
43,195-8 C7H7BO3 1g; 5g 44,165-1 C7H7BO3 1g; 5g; 25g
4-Formylphenylboronic acid 3-Carboxyphenylboronic acid
43,196-6 C7H7BO3 1g; 5g; 25g 45,676-4 C7H7BO4 1g; 10g
4-Carboxyphenylboronic acid 3,4-(Methylenedioxy)phenylboronic acid
45,677-2 C7H7BO4 1g; 10g 49,999-4 C7H7BO4 1g; 5g
5-Bromo-2-methoxyphenylboronic acid 2-Chloro-6-methoxyphenylboronic acid
51,270-2 C7H8BBrO3 5g 51,275-3 C7H8BClO3 1g; 5g
  3-Chloro-4-methoxyphenylboronic acid 5-Chloro-2-methoxyphenylboronic acid
56,448-6 C7H8BClO3 1g; 5g 51,224-9 C7H8BClO3 5g
4-Fluoro-3-methylphenylboronic acid 2-Fluoro-6-methoxyphenylboronic acid
48,356-7 C7H8BFO2 5g; 25g 51,276-1 C7H8BFO3 1g; 5g
3-Fluoro-4-methoxyphenylboronic acid 5-Fluoro-2-methoxyphenylboronic acid
56,403-6 C7H8BFO3 1g; 5g 48,354-0 C7H8BFO3 5g; 25g
4-Methyl-3-nitrophenylboronic acid o-Tolylboronic acid
52,147-7 C7H8BNO4 1g; 5g 39,360-6 C7H9BO2 1g; 5g; 25g
m-Tolylboronic acid p-Tolylboronic acid
39,361-4 C7H9BO2 1g; 5g 39,362-2 C7H9BO2 1g; 10g
4-(Methylthio)phenylboronic acid 2-Methoxyphenylboronic acid
45,680-2 C7H9BO2S 1g; 5g; 25g 44,523-1 C7H9BO3 1g; 5g
3-Methoxyphenylboronic acid 4-Methoxyphenylboronic acid
44,168-6 C7H9BO3 1g; 10g 41,759-9 C7H9BO3 1g; 5g; 25g
3-(Hydroxymethyl)phenylboronic acid 4-(Hydroxymethyl)phenylboronic acid
51,283-4 C7H9BO3 1g; 10g 51,233-8 C7H9BO3 1g; 10g
3,5-Bis(trifluoromethyl)phenylboronic acid Thianaphthene-2-boronic acid
47,107-0 C8H5BF6O2 5g 49,997-8 C8H7BO2S 5g; 25g
Thianaphthene-3-boronic acid 2-Benzofuranboronic acid
51,211-7 C8H7BO2S 5g; 25g 49,994-3 C8H7BO3 5g; 25g
3,5-Diformylphenylboronic acid trans-2-(4-Chlorophenyl)vinylboronic acid
56,748-5 C8H7BO4 1g; 5g 52,356-9 C8H8BClO2 1g; 10g
trans-2-(4-Fluorophenyl)vinylboronic acid 4-Vinylphenylboronic acid
51,897-2 C8H8BFO2 1g; 10g 41,758-0 C8H9BO2 1g; 5g
trans-2-Phenylvinylboronic acid α-Phenylvinylboronic acid
47,379-0 C8H9BO2 5g; 25g 57,135-0 C8H9BO2 1g; 5g
2-Acetylphenylboronic acid 3-Acetylphenylboronic acid
47,080-5 C8H9BO3 5g; 25g 47,081-3 C8H9BO3 5g; 25g
4-Acetylphenylboronic acid 3-Formyl-4-methoxyphenylboronic acid
47,082-1 C8H9BO3 5g; 25g 51,286-9 C8H9BO4 5g; 25g
5-Formyl-2-methoxyphenylboronic acid 5-Bromo-2-ethoxyphenylboronic acid
51,225-7 C8H9BO4 5g 51,282-6 C8H10BBrO3 1g; 5g
3-Chloro-4-ethoxyphenylboronic acid 5-Chloro-2-ethoxyphenylboronic acid
56,447-8 C8H10BClO3 1g; 5g 54,254-7 C8H10BClO3 5g
3-Acetamidophenylboronic acid 4-Acetamidophenylboronic acid
56,601-2 C8H10BNO3 1g 56,580-6 C8H10BNO3 1g; 5g
2,3-Dimethylphenylboronic acid 2,5-Dimethylphenylboronic acid
48,350-8 C8H11BO2 5g; 25g 48,351-6 C8H11BO2 5g; 25g
2,6-Dimethylphenylboronic acid 3,5-Dimethylphenylboronic acid
48,006-1 C8H11BO2 5g; 25g 48,008-8 C8H11BO2 5g; 25g
2-Ethylphenylboronic acid 4-Ethylphenylboronic acid
52,152-3 C8H11BO2 10g 49,953-6 C8H11BO2 5g; 25g
Phenethylboronic acid 2-Ethoxyphenylboronic acid
58,842-3 C8H11BO2 1g; 10g 45,552-0 C8H11BO3 1g; 10g
3-Ethoxyphenylboronic acid 4-Ethoxyphenylboronic acid
44,163-5 C8H11BO3 1g; 5g 45,553-9 C8H11BO3 1g; 10g
2-Methoxy-5-methylphenylboronic acid 2,3-Dimethoxyphenylboronic acid
56,750-7 C8H11BO3 1g; 5g 55,773-0 C8H11BO4 5g
2,4-Dimethoxyphenylboronic acid 2,5-Dimethoxyphenylboronic acid
48,348-6 C8H11BO4 1g; 10g 48,349-4 C8H11BO4 5g; 25g
2,6-Dimethoxyphenylboronic acid 3,4-Dimethoxyphenylboronic acid
48,009-6 C8H11BO4 5g; 25g 48,011-8 C8H11BO4 5g; 25g
4-(Dimethylamino)phenylboronic acid trans-1-Octen-1-ylboronic acid
48,353-2 C8H12BNO2 5g 52,102-7 C8H17BO2 1g; 10g
trans-2-[4-(Trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-vinylboronic acid trans-2-(4-Methylphenyl)vinylboronic acid
51,902-2 C9H8BF3O2 1g; 5g 56,813-9 C9H11BO2 1g; 5g
3-Ethoxycarbonylphenylboronic acid 4-Ethoxycarbonylphenylboronic acid
57,465-1 C9H11BO4 1g; 5g 57,464-3 C9H11BO4 1g; 5g
3-Chloro-4-propoxyphenylboronic acid 4-Propylphenylboronic acid
56,445-1 C9H12BClO3 1g; 5g 52,150-7 C9H13BO2 10g
2,4,5-Trimethylphenylboronic acid 2,4,6-Trimethylphenylboronic acid
54,232-6 C9H13BO2 5g 54,231-8 C9H13BO2 5g
2-Isopropoxyphenylboronic acid 3-Isopropoxyphenylboronic acid
54,246-6 C9H13BO3 1g; 10g 54,245-8 C9H13BO3 1g; 10g
4-Isopropoxyphenylboronic acid 2-Propoxyphenylboronic acid
54,247-4 C9H13BO3 1g; 10g 55,772-2 C9H13BO3 5g
3-Propoxyphenylboronic acid 4-Propoxyphenylboronic acid
55,771-4 C9H13BO3 5g 55,770-6 C9H13BO3 5g
2-Ethoxy-5-methylphenylboronic acid 2,3,4-Trimethoxyphenylboronic acid
56,749-3 C9H13BO3 1g; 5g 51,228-1 C9H13BO5 5g
3-(Trimethylsilyl)phenylboronic acid 4-(Trimethylsilyl)phenylboronic acid
52,366-6 C9H15BO2Si 1g; 5g 52,367-4 C9H15BO2Si 1g; 5g
trans-1-Nonenylboronic acid 1,1'-Ferrocenediboronic acid
57,939-4 C9H19BO2 1g 45,555-5 C10H4B2FeO4 5g
1-Naphthaleneboronic acid 2-Naphthaleneboronic acid
N,25-7 C10H9BO2 5g; 25g 48,013-4 C10H9BO2 5g; 25g
4-Butylphenylboronic acid 4-tert-Butylphenylboronic acid
52,149-3 C10H15BO2 1g; 5g 48,005-3 C10H15BO2 5g; 25g
2,3,5,6-Tetramethylphenylboronic acid 2-Butoxyphenylboronic acid
52,151-5 C10H15BO2 5g; 25g 54,248-2 C10H15BO3 1g; 10g
3-Butoxyphenylboronic acid 4-Butoxyphenylboronic acid
54,249-0 C10H15BO3 1g; 10g 54,250-4 C10H15BO3 1g; 10g
4-Methyl-1-naphthaleneboronic acid 6-Methoxy-2-naphthaleneboronic acid
52,145-0 C11H11BO2 10g 52,189-2 C11H11BO3 5g
4-Dibenzothiopheneboronic acid Thianthrene-1-boronic acid
49,998-6 C12H9BO2S 1g; 5g 51,221-4 C12H9BO2S2 5g
4-Dibenzofuranboronic acid 2-Fluoro-4-biphenylylboronic acid
49,995-1 C12H9BO3 5g 51,210-9 C12H10BFO2 5g
2-Biphenylboronic acid 4-Biphenylboronic acid
54,220-2 C12H11BO2 5g 48,345-1 C12H11BO2 5g; 25g
2-Phenoxyphenylboronic acid 4-Phenoxyphenylboronic acid
52,148-5 C12H11BO3 10g 48,014-2 C12H11BO3 5g; 25g
4,4'-Biphenyldiboronic acid 6-Ethoxy-2-naphthaleneboronic acid
45,679-9 C12H12B2O4 500mg 52,190-6 C12H13BO3 5g
3-(tert-Butyldimethylsilyoxy)phenyl-boronic acid 4-(tert-Butyldimethylsilyoxy)phenyl-boronic acid
52,403-4 C12H21BO3Si 5g 52,404-2 C12H21BO3Si 1g; 5g
3-Benzyloxyphenylboronic acid 1-(tert-Butoxycarbonyl)indole-2-boronic acid
52,633-9 C13H13BO3 5g; 25g 56,233-5 C13H16BNO4 1g
1-(Phenylsulfonyl)-2-indoleboronic acid 1-(Phenylsulfonyl)-3-indoleboronic acid
56,386-2 C14H12BNO4S 1g 56,387-0 C14H12BNO4S 1g
9,9-Dihexylfluorene-2,7-diboronic acid 9,9-Dioctylfluorene-2,7-diboronic acid
56,633-0 C25H36B2O4 1g; 5g 56,936-4 C29H44B2O4 1g; 5g
9,9-Di(2'-ethylhexyl)fluorene-2,7-diboronic acid 9,9-Didodecylfluorene-2,7-diboronic acid
57,153-9 C29H44B2O4 1g; 5g 57,149-0 C37H60B2O4 1g; 5g