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Zirconium-catalyzed Asymmetric Carboalumination of Alkenes (ZACA Reaction) Webinar


Ei-ichi Negishi, Ph.D.
H. C. Brown Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Purdue University
Co-Winner of 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Overview: Many, if not the majority, of the organic compounds that are of interest and importance to humanity are chiral or optically active. Until recently, the major route to such chiral compounds and biocatalysts was the biosynthesis performed by nature, which employ enzymes as synthetic tools. Other methods have emerged and their significance was predicted to increase significantly during the 21st century, when W. Knowles, R. Noyori, and K. B. Sharpless were awarded the 2001 Nobel Prize for their pioneering research using non-biological asymmetric methods for C–H and C–O bond formation.

What about the all-important C–C bond formation for asymmetric organic skeleton formation? This webinar introduces the discovery, development and application of the ZACA reaction, and showcases how its efficient, selective, potentially green and economical syntheses of biologically and medicinally important chiral organic compounds can benefit humanity.

Areas covered in the webinar:

  • Discovery and development of the ZACA reaction
  • Its application to efficient and selective synthesis of chiral natural products
  • Synthesis of vitamins (E, K, etc.) and other compounds of dietary and medicinal interest

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