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AL-208 (Europe only)
UN-Pac Packing System and Transfer Procedure for Type C

Introduction / SpecificationsRecommended Transfer ProcedureEquipment


Due to the hazardous nature of many of the products packaged in Aldrich UN-Pac containers we strongly recommend that all users read this bulletin carefully and completely before starting any actual laboratory/production work. If you are unsure of any of these procedures or need assistance, please contact us prior to use.

UN-Pac cylinders

The Aldrich UN-Pac packaging/dispensing system provides a convenient method for storing and dispensing laboratory and development scale quantities of high purity anhydrous solvents, fine organics, and other high hazard liquids. The properties of these products require the prevention of external contamination and/or personal exposure be kept to a minimum. Many of the liquids must be handled and stored without exposure to atmospheric moisture or oxygen. Fortunately, the design of the Aldrich UN-Pac system allows ready and convenient transfer of these liquids using the equipment and techniques described in detail in this bulletin. Aldrich provides the special equipment needed for handling these deposit containers and their contents. A complete and detailed listing of the equipment is described in the equipment selection of this bulletin.


20L carbon steel
Actual color is blue


100L carbon steel
Actual color is blue

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