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AL-208 (Europe only)
UN-Pac Packing System and Transfer Procedure for Type C

Introduction / SpecificationsRecommended Transfer Procedure / Equipment


We offer a wide variety of adapters and liquid-transfer apparatus. The liquid from all transfer lines exits through a stainless steel needle. Common syringe needles equipped with luer hubs can be used on some of supplied apparatus. However, due to the small gauge of available needles with luer hubs, unacceptably slow flow rate often results. Therefore, we offer transfer lines equipped with 1/8-inch ferrule locks for special 11-gauge needles to give a medium flow rate. In order to obtain a fast flow rate, we recommend using one of our transfer lines or needle-tubing connectors which is equipped with a 3/16-inch ferrule lock for a special 7-gauge needle.

Brass adapters can be reused many times and are inert to hydrocarbon and ether solvents. However, when corrosives are used or if acid is used in clean-up, then stainless steel adapters must be used. The valves on UN-Pac containers are brass and the cylinder is as the reagents shipped are not corrosive to brass stainless steel in the absence of atmospheric moisture.

Many customers may prefer to simply order a predesigned and fabricated transfer system. Therefore, we offer completely assembled outlet lines in brass and stainless steel. These are constructed of threaded pipe and metal-braided Teflon tubing and end in either a luer lock, 1/8-inch ferrule lock, or 3/16-inch ferrule lock for connection to a needle which must be ordered separately. The complete list of available transfer lines is given in Table 2 with a representative system shown in Figure 7. Technical Information Bulletin No. AL-150 gives a complete list of available needles for these transfer lines.

Table 2: Transfer lines for liquid removal from UN-Pac containers.

Pipe, valves*
flexible tubing
flow rate
Catalog No.
BT Luer lock Slow Z150215
SST Luer lock Slow Z150223
BT 1/8-in FL Medium Z150231
SST 1/8-in FL Medium Z150258
BT 3/16-in FL Fast Z150266
SST 3/16-in FL Fast Z150274

BT-brass pipe, brass valves and brass-braided Teflon tubing
SST-stainless steel pipe, stainless steel valves, and stainless steel-braided Teflon tubing
FL-ferrule lock.

* Needle valve is for nitrogen flush of transfer line and requires a septum (Catalog No. Z100722 or Z124354) which must be ordered separately.

** Needle not provided; must be ordered separately.

Figure 7: Liquid-transfer, example Z150258

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The foregoing discussions and procedures are given to assist our customers in the transfer and use of our products supplied in UN-Pac containers. The user must read this bulletin carefully, consult the figures, and follow each step in the transfer procedure. If you need further assistance at any time, please contact us.

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