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Chemists have long struggled with reproducibility in photoredox catalysis. Both varied reaction setups and individual reactions performed with the same setup can be tricky. Our new labware seeks to alleviate these issues by providing photoreactors for each stage of reaction development while ensuring high levels of consistency across reactions and between runs. When combined with our broad portfolio of iridium and ruthenium catalysts and acridinium-based photocatalysts, these tools free synthetic chemists to focus on their next breakthrough.

Reagents & Catalysts
Visible light photoredox catalysis is a powerful tool in chemical synthesis. It allows one to create new bonds and facilitate rapid assembly of complex products.
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Iridium Catalysts
Ruthenium Catalysts
Acridinium-Based Photocatalysts
Other Organic Photocatalysts and Ligands


Visible light sources providing consistency and reproducibility to every stage of photocatalytic reaction development.

SynLED Parallel Photoreactor
Photo KitAlysis™ Starter Kit



KitAlysis™ Screening Kits
Enabling chemists to quickly and efficiently find good reaction conditions for a wide range of photoredox catalyzed reactions.
Photo KitAlysis™ High-Throughput
  Reaction Screening Kit

Photo KitAlysis™ Starter Kit
Photo KitAlysis™ Operating Instructions
Photo KitAlysis™ 24-Green LED Array
Photo KitAlysis™ 24-White LED Array


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