Synthia™ Organic Retrosynthesis Software


Meet Synthia™.

Retrosynthesis Software That
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The most significant challenge in finding viable pathways is navigating the complex matrix of synthetic possibilities while accounting for what has been done, what could be done, and what starting materials are available.

With Synthia™ retrosynthesis software, you can easily analyze tens of thousands of pathways for known and novel molecules against your search criteria—and quickly go from imagining what’s possible to testing what’s probable.

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Three Design Modules to Amplify Your Approach:

Automatic Retrosynthesis

Computer-guided retrosynthetic design. Work back to commercially available building blocks while promoting preferred chemistries, minimizing cost and step count, and protecting groups.

Manual Retrosynthesis

Hands-on retrosynthetic design. Start with the target and iteratively walk iteratively backward through all possible reactions until you reach viable starting materials.

Network of Organic Chemistry

More than 10 million substances and reactions from literature. Quickly combine several syntheses into one optimized pathway based on cost, step count, and frequency of substrates in literature.



To validate the capabilities of Synthia™ in the lab, we conducted an experiment with six chemists to synthesize several high-value molecules under strict parameters.

Evaluation Parameters:

Chemists were free to customize search criteria according to their own “synthetic style” and choose their preferred route


Starting materials had to be in stock and ready to ship

The synthesis had to be completed in 8 weeks


Deviations from proposed transformations were not permitted


Reaction optimization was fully expected and allowed



Installation of the key hydroxyethyl side chain was done at an early stage in the synthesis providing early confidence in the route

Added the finished product to the catalog

Successfully utilized route to establish analogs

Overall yield increased by 500%


Significant cost savings anticipated in production batch

Removed one reaction step from overall synthesis pathway

50% cost savings


Increased yield from 1% to 61%


Eliminated chromatography from all but the final step of the synthesis

Removed one reaction step from overall synthesis pathway

Previous attempts repeatedly failed following literature methods

Obtained a 20% isolated yield over 5 steps


35% cost savings


70% increase in yield


Removed three reaction steps from overall synthesis pathway


Never attempted due to patent controls

Developed an alternate patent-free pathway

Added the finished product to the catalog





Save time, reduce costs and explore your possible pathway options.
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