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The most significant challenge in organic chemistry is finding viable synthetic pathways by painstakingly navigating the complex matrix of retrosynthetic possibilities while simultaneously accounting for what has been done, what could be done, and what starting materials are available.

With SYNTHIA™ retrosynthesis software, you can easily analyze custom pathways for known and novel molecules against your search criteria—and quickly go from imagining what’s possible to testing what’s probable.

Synthia™ retrosynthesis software

SYNTHIA™ retrosynthesis software can accelerate your research and rate of pathway discovery from weeks to minutes.

  • SYNTHIA™ utilizes sophisticated algorithms which draw from a vast database of 100,000 hand-coded reaction rules
  • Quickly and efficiently scan millions of data points and pathways to help you identify viable pathways
  • Successfully plan routes for target molecules based on your requirements and preferences

Our licenses include immediate virtual training and technical support, which can be accessed from any workplace, even remotely. Contact the SYNTHIA™ team today for details.



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Coded by chemists


Coded by chemists for chemists.

Engineered by organic chemists and computer scientists over the course of 15 years, SYNTHIA™ harnesses the potential of advanced, highly nuanced algorithms powered by more than 70,000 hand-coded reaction rules. For each step that’s analyzed, SYNTHIA™ takes the entire molecule into account—going beyond local interactions to factor in potential conflict and selectivity issues, in addition to providing stereo- and regioselective syntheses.

SYNTHIA™ explores novel and known solutions, eliminates nonviable options and presents the user with the most promising pathways to explore.





Three design modules to amplify your approach:

Automatic Retrosynthesis


Automatic Retrosynthesis

Computer-guided retrosynthetic design. Work back to commercially available building blocks while promoting preferred chemistries, minimizing cost and step count, and protecting groups.


Manual Retrosynthesis


Manual Retrosynthesis

Hands-on retrosynthetic design. Start with the target and iteratively walk backward through all possible reactions until you reach viable starting materials.


Network of Organic Chemistry


Network of Organic Chemistry

More than 10 million substances and reactions from literature. Quickly combine several syntheses into one optimized pathway based on cost, step count, and frequency of substrates in literature.

Synthia™ software



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