Buchwald Precatalysts and Ligands

Dialkylbiaryl phospine ligands, and the precatalysts derived from them, are commonly referred to as Buchwald Precatalysts and Ligands. These reagents have developed into a highly valuable class of compounds for palladium catalysis and can now be used for a broad range of reactions. This brochure is designed to show the common uses and advantages of these powerful, and now commercially available, Buchwald Precatalysts and Ligands.

Buchwald Precatalysts

Buchwald Precatalysts are highly active for a range of Pd-catalyzed reactions. These bench-stable complexes can be activated under mildly basic conditions and provide a number of unique advantages over traditional palladium catalysts in terms of both activity and stability.

Figure 1.
Buchwald Precatalysts- Air-stable and efficient sources of active LxPd(0)

Buchwald Ligands

Figure 2.
Structural features of dialkylbiaryl phosphine ligands

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