Chemical Synthesis

Catalysis Screening Kits

Accelerate methodology discovery, lead generation, and process optimization

Our chemistry kits for catalysis screening offer the broadest range of technologies available in convenient packaging. Kits contain sets of catalysts, achiral or chiral ligands, and scavengers with varying steric and electronic properties that will accelerate your research discoveries. Kits offer several advantages:

  • Enable rapid screening of catalytic processes for optimization
  • Conveniently packaged in sampler format
  • Cost of kit less than the total cost of individual components

Buchwald Ligands I

Utilized for aromatic carbon-heteroatom formation and
Suzuki coupling:

659932-1KT 1-g bottles

NHC Ligands I

Sterically and electronically varied to generate metal-based catalysts with different properties:

662232-1KT 1-g bottles

BINOL Ligands I

BINOLs are privileged ligands that exhibit high levels of enantiocontrol in various catalytic transformations:


QuadraPure™ Scavengers

These macro- and microporous resins effectively remove metal contamination during chemical processing from R&D to manufacturing scale:

659428-1KT 5-g bottles

Other Catalysis Kits

Homogeneous Pd Catalysts I659975-1KT 1-g bottles
PdCl2 · Pd(OAc)2 · Pd2(dba)3 · Pd(PPh3)2Cl2 · Pd(PPh3)4 · [Pd(allyl)Cl]2 · Pd(dppf)Cl2

Heterogeneous Pd Catalysts I659967-1KT 1-g bottles
· Palladium on Barium · Palladium on Calcium Carbonate · Palladium on Alumina · Palladium on Activated Carbon · Palladium (Dry) on Activated Carbon · Palladium Hydroxide

Pd EnCat™666335-1KT 1-g bottles
Pd EnCat 30 · Pd EnCat 40 · Pd EnCat TPP30 · Pd EnCat TOTP30 · Pd EnCat BINAP30

Phosphine Ligands I659940-1KT 1-g bottles
PPh3 · PCy3 · P(t-Bu)3H-BF4 · P(o-tolyl)3 · P(2-Furyl)3 · dppp · dppf