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EZ-CrotylMix Reagents

EZ-CrotylMix: A Comprehensive Solution to the Enantioselective Crotylation of Aldehydes

Prof. James Leighton has developed the EZ-CrotylMix reagents for the enantioselective crotylation of aldehydes. These reagents show unprecedented selectivity and versatility, and represent one of the only self-contained crotylation reagents to date.

Benefits of EZ-CrotylMix Reagents:
  • Bench stable reagents that allow for easy reaction set-up and manipulation
  • Provide the desired crotylation product in excellent yield and enantioselectivity
  • Self-contained reagents that do not require any additional synthetic steps
  • Represent a broadly reaching solution to the enantioselective crotylation of aldehydes

EZ-CrotylMix Reactivity


Leighton’s EZ-CrotylMix Reagents



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