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Phosgene Generation Kit

Phosgene is an extremely versatile reagent allowing easy access to isocyanates, ureas, carbamates, carbonates, acyl and alkyl chlorides.1 Many of these can be used as reactive intermediates, e.g. in peptide coupling reactions. As a dehydrating agent phosgene can also lead to isocyanides, cyanides and carbodiimides. (Scheme 1) Though highly toxic itself byproducts resulting from reactions with phosgene are harmless. When treated with alkaline solution only biocompatible salts are formed like sodium chloride or carbonate.

In cooperation with Buss ChemTech, we offer a safe and reliable phosgene generation kit giving simple access to small quantities of high purity, gaseous phosgene exactly when needed, while no transport and storage of liquid phosgene is necessary. The generator converts safe triphosgene into phosgene on demand using a catalyst.2 Phosgene generation can be stopped at any time. A total containment approach eliminates the risk that phosgene can reach the environment.

Phosgene production begins at a temperature of 80 °C, below which the gas is not produced. The reaction proceeds cleanly up to 110 °C at a steady rate. The overall reaction time decreases with increased temperature. Using the flow graphic (Figure 1), you can determine the time gaseous phosgene will be supplied to the reaction vessel.


  • Easy access to small quantities of phosgene
  • Versatile chemistry where other reagents offer poor results
  • No transport or storage of liquid phosgene
  • Production on demand of high purity gaseous phosgene
  • Safe and reliable handling
  • Simple workup of reactions to obtain pure products
  • Operation scale from mmolar to industrial levels


Test the suitability of the generators in your own laboratory today with a starter kit and cartridges. Figure 2 shows an application example of the starter kit. Solutions for the upscale to industrial production levels are available at BUSS ChemTech.

   Product Information

Product #  Product Name/Description Add To Cart
519782 Cartridge for Phosgene Generation, Starter KitContains one 0.02 mole cartridge (51,975-8), hose connector with sealing lips, Viton tubing, dosimeter badge, and instructions for use.
519758 Cartridge for Phosgene Generation, 0.02 mole
519766 Cartridge for Phosgene Generation, 0.05 mole
  • ChemFiles 7.2: Peptide Synthesis (Click here to view.)



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