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The Baran Group, at The Scripps Research Institute, has developed an effective olefin cross-coupling catalyst, Fe(dibm)3 (ALD00386). In the presence of phenylsilane (335150), new C-C bonds can be generated utilizing highly substituted, including heteroatom functionalized, olefin donors. Now, novel C-C bonds can be rapidly generated under operationally simple and mild reaction conditions.

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900770 Berkessel ligand 98% New C32H22F10N2O2
900277 Bis(3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl)(2′,6′-bis(dimethylamino)-3,6-dimethoxybiphenyl-2-yl)phosphine ≥95% New C34H29F12N2O2P
244988 Bis(1,5-cyclooctadiene)nickel(0) C16H24Ni
900211   Buchwald Precatalyst C-N Coupling Validation Kit New  
900818 1-Butyl-2,3-bis(dicyclohexylamino)cyclopropenimine New C31H53N3
900941 Chloro(4-cyanophenyl)[(R)-1-[(S)-2-[bis(4-fluorophenyl]phosphino]ferrocenyl]ethyldi-tert-butylphosphine]nickel(II) ≥95% New C39H42ClF2FeNNiP2
900943 Chloro(4-cyanophenyl)[(R)-1-[(S)-2-(dicyclohexylphosphino)ferrocenyl]ethyldicyclohexylphosphine]nickel(II) New C43H60ClFeNNiP2
900942 Chloro(4-cyanophenyl)[(R)-1-[(S)-2-(dicyclohexylphosphino)ferrocenyl]ethyldiphenylphosphine]nickel(II) ≥95% New C43H48ClFeNNiP2
900944 Chloro(4-cyanophenyl)[(R)-1-[(S)-2-(diphenylphosphino)ferrocenyl]ethylditertbutylphosphine]nickel(II) ≥95% New C39H44ClFeNNiP2
901215 Ephos ≥95% New C36H55OP
901220 EPhos Pd G4 New C50H70NO4PPdS
KITALYSIS-CUCN KitAlysis High-Throughput Copper C-N Cross-Coupling Reaction Screening Kit-Pack of 2 New  
KITALYSIS-SCAV KitAlysis High-Throughput Metal Scavenger Screening Kit-Pack of 2 New  
901219 VPhos Pd G3 95% New C46H62NO4PPdS
901218 VPhos Pd G4 95% New C47H64NO4PPdS